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2021-02-01High Dietary Sodium Intake is Associated with Shorter Event-Free Survival in Patients with Heart Failure and Comorbid Diabetes.Saleh, ZT; Lennie, TA; Alhurani, AS; Almansour, IM; Alduraidi, H; Moser, DK
2021-01-01Inflammatory Genotype Moderates the Association Between Anxiety and Systemic Inflammation in Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease.Key, KV; Mudd-Martin, G; Moser, DK; Rayens, MK; Morford, LA
2021-01-01Perceived Control Prevents Perception of Negative Changes in Life as a Result of Caring for a Patient With Heart Failure.Chung, ML; Liljeroos, M; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA
2020-11Perceived Control Predicts Symptom Status in Patients With Heart Failure.Lin, C-Y; Miller, JL; Lennie, TA; Biddle, MJ; Mudd-Martin, G; Hammash, M; Moser, DK
2020-11The health outcomes of inflammation and obesity in patients with heart failure.Saleh, ZT; Lennie, TA; Darawad, M; Alduraidi, H; Elshatarat, RA; Almansour, IM; Moser, DK
2020-11Self-efficacy and Satisfaction With Teaching in Online Courses.Hampton, D; Culp-Roche, A; Hensley, A; Wilson, J; Otts, JA; Thaxton-Wiggins, A; Fruh, S; Moser, DK
2020-09Functional health literacy and caregiving burden among family caregivers of patients with end-stage renal disease.Abed, MA; Khalifeh, AH; Khalil, AA; Darawad, MW; Moser, DK
2020-07-27Self-care behavior: a new insight of the role of impulsivity into decision making process in persons with heart failure.Al-Hammouri, MM; Rababah, JA; Hall, LA; Moser, DK; Dawood, Z; Jawhar, W; Alawawdeh, A
2020-06Effects of an educational intervention on heart failure knowledge, self-care behaviors, and health-related quality of life of patients with heart failure: Exploring the role of depression.Hwang, B; Pelter, MM; Moser, DK; Dracup, K
2020-04-27Pre-existing chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury among critically ill patients.Abdalrahim, MS; Khalil, AA; Alramly, M; Alshlool, KN; Abed, MA; Moser, DK
2020-03Prediction of Heart Failure Symptoms and Health-Related Quality of Life at 12 Months From Baseline Modifiable Factors in Patients With Heart Failure.Heo, S; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA; Fischer, M; Kim, J; Walsh, MN; Ounpraseuth, S; Turrise, S
2020-03Insight Into Differences in Dietary Sodium Adherence Between Men and Women With Heart Failure.Lennie, TA; Moser, DK; Chung, ML
2020-02Inflammatory properties of diet mediate the effect of depressive symptoms on Framingham risk score in men and women: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2007-2014).Kang, J; Moser, DK; Biddle, MJ; Lennie, TA; Smyth, SS; Vsevolozhskaya, OA
2020-01Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Shocks and Psychological Distress: Examining the Mediating Roles of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator-Related Concerns and Perceived Control.Lee, KS; Kim, JH; Kang, K-W; Miller, J; McEvedy, SM; Hwang, SY; Moser, DK
2020Factors Influencing Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Health Perception Among Kentuckians Living in Appalachia.Abraham, CM; Kelly, S; Wantland, D; Chung, ML; Mudd-Martin, G; Biddle, MJ; Moser, DK
2019-12-01Discontinuation of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or beta-blockers and the impact on heart failure hospitalization ratesKnafl, GJ; Moser, DK; Wu, JR; Riegel, B
2019-11-01Patients’ Beliefs About Causes and Consequences of Heart Failure SymptomsHeo, S; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA; Grudnowski, S; Kim, JS; Turrise, S
2019-10-01Young African American women’s participation in an m-Health study in cardiovascular risk reduction: Feasibility, benefits, and barriersKathuria-Prakash, N; Moser, DK; Alshurafa, N; Watson, K; Eastwood, JA
2019-10-01Shared Decision-Making about End-of-Life Care Scenarios Compared among Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Patients: A National Cohort StudyThompson, JH; Thylén, I; Moser, DK
2019-07-01Missed opportunities! End of life decision making and discussions in implantable cardioverter defibrillator recipientsMiller, JL; Chung, ML; Etaee, F; Hammash, M; Thylén, I; Biddle, MJ; Elayi, SC; Czarapata, MM; McEvedy, S; Cameron, J; Haedtke, CA; Ski, CF; Thompson, DR; Moser, DK