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2019-12-01Discontinuation of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or beta-blockers and the impact on heart failure hospitalization ratesKnafl, GJ; Moser, DK; Wu, JR; Riegel, B
2019-11-01Patients’ Beliefs About Causes and Consequences of Heart Failure SymptomsHeo, S; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA; Grudnowski, S; Kim, JS; Turrise, S
2019-10-01Young African American women’s participation in an m-Health study in cardiovascular risk reduction: Feasibility, benefits, and barriersKathuria-Prakash, N; Moser, DK; Alshurafa, N; Watson, K; Eastwood, JA
2019-10-01Shared Decision-Making about End-of-Life Care Scenarios Compared among Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Patients: A National Cohort StudyThompson, JH; Thylén, I; Moser, DK
2019-07-01Missed opportunities! End of life decision making and discussions in implantable cardioverter defibrillator recipientsMiller, JL; Chung, ML; Etaee, F; Hammash, M; Thylén, I; Biddle, MJ; Elayi, SC; Czarapata, MM; McEvedy, S; Cameron, J; Haedtke, CA; Ski, CF; Thompson, DR; Moser, DK
2019-05-01Influence of depression and gender on symptom burden among patients with advanced heart failure: Insight from the pain assessment, incidence and nature in heart failure studyHaedtke, CA; Moser, DK; Pressler, SJ; Chung, ML; Wingate, S; Goodlin, SJ
2019-03-01Airflow limitation more than doubles the risk for hospitalization/mortality in patients with heart failureBugajski, A; Frazier, SK; Moser, DK; Chung, M; Lennie, TA
2019-03-01Psychometric Testing of the Revised Self-Care of Heart Failure IndexRiegel, B; Barbaranelli, C; Carlson, B; Sethares, KA; Daus, M; Moser, DK; Miller, J; Osokpo, OH; Lee, S; Brown, S; Vellone, E
2019-02-01Cardiovascular Disease Risk Predicts Health Perception in Prison InmatesSaleh, ZT; Connell, A; Lennie, TA; Bailey, AL; Elshatarat, RA; Yousef, K; Moser, DK
2019-02-01Exploring Symptom Clusters in People With Heart FailurePark, J; Moser, DK; Griffith, K; Harring, JR; Johantgen, M
2019-01-01Effects of a Digital Self-care Intervention in Adults with COPD: A Pilot StudyBugajski, A; Frazier, SK; Cousin, L; Rechenberg, K; Brown, J; Lengerich, AJ; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA
2019-01-01Dietary Vitamin C Deficiency Is Associated with Health-Related Quality of Life and Cardiac Event-free Survival in Adults with Heart FailureWu, JR; Song, EK; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA
2019-01-01The relationship between psychological states and health perception in individuals at risk for cardiovascular diseaseLee, KS; Feltner, FJ; Bailey, AL; Lennie, TA; Chung, ML; Smalls, BL; Schuman, DL; Moser, DK
2018-08-01Relationship between self-care and comprehensive understanding of heart failure and its signs and symptomsLee, KS; Moser, DK; Dracup, K
2012-11-01Are there symptom differences in patients with coronary artery disease presenting to the ED ultimately diagnosed with or without ACS?Pelter, MM; Riegel, B; McKinley, S; Moser, DK; Doering, LV; Meischke, H; Davidson, P; Baker, H; Yang, W; Dracup, K
2012-10-01Complications after acute coronary syndrome are reduced by perceived control of cardiac illnessMcKinley, S; Fien, M; Riegel, B; Meischke, H; Aburuz, ME; Lennie, TA; Moser, DK
2012-01-01The impact on anxiety and perceived control of a short one-on-one nursing intervention designed to decrease treatment seeking delay in people with coronary heart diseaseMoser, DK; McKinley, S; Riegel, B; Doering, LV; Meischke, H; Pelter, M; Davidson, P; Baker, H; Dracup, K
2011-11-01Who listens to our advice? A secondary analysis of data from a clinical trial testing an intervention designed to decrease delay in seeking treatment for acute coronary syndromeRiegel, B; Elmi, A; Moser, DK; McKinley, S; Meischke, H; Doering, LV; Davidson, P; Pelter, M; Baker, H; Dracup, K
2011-05-01Impact of prehospital delay in treatment seeking on in-hospital complications after acute myocardial infarctionWu, JR; Moser, DK; Riegel, B; McKinley, S; Doering, LV
2011-01-01Relationship of persistent symptoms of anxiety to morbidity and mortality outcomes in patients with coronary heart diseaseMoser, DK; McKinley, S; Riegel, B; Doering, LV; Meischke, H; Pelter, M; Davidson, P; Baker, H; Dracup, K