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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01A novel software-defined networking controller: The Distributed Active Information Model (DAIM)Pupatwibul, P; Banjar, A; Hossain, I; Braun, R; Moulton, B
2018A measurement model to analyze the effect of agile enterprise architecture on geographically distributed agile development.Alzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ; Moulton, B
2014-01-01Analysing the performance of the OpenFlow standard for software-defined networking using the OMNeT++ network simulatorBanjar, A; Pupatwibul, P; Braun, R; Moulton, B
2012-10-04Fast unsupervised learning method for rapid estimation of cluster centroidsYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, B; Hung, N
2012-10-04Method for increasing the computation speed of an unsupervised learning approach for data clusteringYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, B; Nguyen, H
2012-05-07Biomedical engineering curricula: Trends in Australia and abroadFleming, J; Mahalinga-Iyer, R; Shortis, M; Vuthaluru, H; Xing, K; Moulton, B
2011-12-20A survey of issues and approaches to remote laboratory adoption by teacher-academicsTuttle, SW; Lowe, DB; Moulton, B
2011-12-01Trends in home-based safety and health alert support systems for older peoplePirapinthan, M; Moulton, B; Lal, S
2011-12-01Fall detection using a Gaussian distribution of clustered knowledge, augmented radial basis neural-network, and multilayer perceptronYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, B
2011-09-01Capacitive sensor to detect fallen humans in conditions of low visibilityMoulton, B
2011-01-01In-home health alert systems in rural and remote areas of Australia: A survey of doctors' and patients' viewsMoulton, B; Khalifan, Z
2011Fall Detection using a Gaussian Distribution of Clustered Knowledge, Augmented Radial Basis Neural-Network, and Multilayer PerceptronYuwono, M; Su, S; Moulton, B; Klempous, R
2010-12-01Double degrees: Concerns regarding overall standards and graduate attributes such as probabilistic reasoningMoulton, B
2010-12-01Pro bono in engineering: Towards an improved understandingMoulton, B
2010-04-30Body-area-network transmission power control using variable adaptive feedback periodicityMoulton, B; Hanlen, L; Chen, J; Croucher, G; Mahendran, L; Varis, A
2010-04-06Collaborative and cross-company project management within the automotive industry using the Balanced ScorecardNiebecker, K; Eager, D; Moulton, B
2010-02-01Knowledge transfer model for the development of software equirements analysis CASE tools to be used in cross time-zone projectsChaczko, Z; Quang, J; Moulton, B
2010-02-01Method for increasing the energy efficiency of wirelessly networked ambulatory health monitoring devicesMoulton, B; Croucher, G; Varis, A; Chen, J
2010-01-01Robotics education: A review of graduate profiles and research pathwaysMoulton, B; Johnson, D
2010-01-01Employers' perceptions regarding graduates of engineering dual degreesFleming, J; Mahalinga Iyer, R; Shortis, M; Vuthaluru, H; Xing, K; Moulton, B