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2023-08-28Impacts of Sand and Dust Storms on the Livability of Urban Public Spaces: Evidence from Ahwaz, IranSadegh Koohestani, S; Mukheibir, P; Ranjbar, E
2023-05Remote Indigenous Communities and Water Security: Rethinking how the Australian water industry delivers servicesLansbury, N; Agnew, C; Jackson, M; Abeysuriya, K; Mukheibir, P; Moggridge, B; Beal, CD
2023-05Building Asset Resilience to Climate Shocks: Key Enablers from Global Success StoriesHeslop, E; Copeman, I; Mukheibir, P; Silvester, K
2023-04-01A Review and Comparative Analysis of IWCM Concepts in Australia and Similar JurisdictionsRangwala, T; Mukheibir, P; Fane, S
2023-02-24Water Efficiency Program PlanningMukheibir, P; Jones, A; Butler, A; Kim, Y; Liu, A
2023-02A conceptual framework for the assessment of and the transition to liveable, sustainable and equitable citiesBedi, C; Kansal, A; Mukheibir, P
2023Coastal Climate Impact Analysis and Sanitation Hazard Assessment FrameworkMukheibir, P; Kohlitz, J; Willetts, J
2023Coastal climate impacts on sanitation infrastructureMukheibir, P; Kohlitz, J; Willetts, J
2022-11Building utility resilience to climate shocks: Lessons from global case studiesHeslop, E; Mukheibir, P
2022-11Corporate Risk Stratification: Using Novel Risk Characteristics – Final ReportFane, S; Butler, A; Mukheibir, P
2022-10NSW Water Efficiency Framework ToolButler, A; Falletta, J; Mukheibir, P; Watson, R
2022-10NSW Water Efficiency Framework ReportButler, A; Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Liu, A
2022-08NSW Water Efficiency FrameworkButler, A; Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Liu, A
2022-06-29Improving Leak Detection in SchoolsKim, Y; Mukheibir, P; Butler, A; El Halabi, A
2022-05-10Using data to improve regional water efficiencyWatson, R; Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Butler, A; Falletta, J
2022-05-10Shifting water utilities towards a circular economyMukheibir, P; Jazbec, M; Francis, D
2022-05Data-Driven Solution to Improving Schools' Water Efficiency: Challenges and Insights from a Statewide ProgramKim, Y; El Halabi, A; Butler, A; Mukheibir, P
2022-01-01Safe water and sanitation in remote Indigenous communities in Australia: conditions towards sustainable outcomesHall, NL; Abeysuriya, K; Jackson, M; Agnew, C; Beal, CD; Barnes, SK; Soeters, S; Mukheibir, P; Brown, S; Moggridge, B
2021-11Progressing Water Efficiency in Regional NSWWatson, R; Fane, S; Butler, A; Falletta, J; Liu, A; Mukheibir, P
2021-05-26Treatment technologies in practice: On-the-ground experiences of faecal sludge and wastewater treatmentSoeters, S; Mukheibir, P; Willetts, J