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2023-12Design an Electromagnetic Sensor to Measure the Organic Carbon in Soil and Its Validation With Standard WalkleyBlack MethodAfridi, WAK; Kumar, N; Jayasundera, K; Gupta, A; Singh, P; George, B; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2023-11-01Development and Field Installation of Smart Sensor Nodes for Quantification of Missing Water in SoilAfridi, WAK; Vitoria, I; Jayasundera, K; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Liu, Z
2023-02A biomechanical comparison of posterior fixation approaches in lumbar fusion using computed tomography based lumbosacral spine modelling.Ramakrishna, VA; Chamoli, U; Larosa, AG; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Gangadhara Prusty, B; Diwan, AD
2023-01Measuring compressive loads on a 'smart' lumbar interbody fusion cage: Proof of concept.Ramakrishna, VAS; Chamoli, U; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Diwan, AD; Prusty, BG
2022-06Finite element modeling of temporal bone graft changes in XLIF: Quantifying biomechanical effects at adjacent levels.Ramakrishna, VAS; Chamoli, U; Larosa, AG; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Prusty, BG; Diwan, AD
2022-01-15A two-stage multi-objective stochastic optimization strategy to minimize cost for electric bus depot operatorsRafique, S; Nizami, MSH; Irshad, UB; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2022-01-01An IoT-enabled Portable Water Quality Monitoring System with MWCNT/PDMS Multifunctional Sensor for Agricultural ApplicationsAkhter, F; Siddiquei, HR; Alahi, MEE; Jayasundera, K; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2021-09-01A Battery Energy Storage Sizing Method for Parking Lot Equipped With EV ChargersBin Irshad, U; Nizami, MSH; Rafique, S; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2021-06-14Optimized Energy Control Scheme for Electric Drive of EV Powertrain Using Genetic AlgorithmsAli, SMN; Sharma, V; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Wang, D
2021-04Enhancing osteoregenerative potential of biphasic calcium phosphates by using bioinspired ZIF8 coating.Fardjahromi, MA; Ejeian, F; Razmjou, A; Vesey, G; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Derakhshan, A; Warkiani, ME
2021-03-01A Graph-Based Fault-Tolerant Approach to Modeling QoS for IoT-Based Surveillance ApplicationsThomas, D; Orgun, M; Hitchens, M; Shankaran, R; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Ni, W
2021-01-01Energy Management Systems for Residential Buildings With Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy ResourcesRafique, S; Hossain, MJ; Nizami, MSH; Bin Irshad, U; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2021-01-01QoS-Aware Energy Management and Node Scheduling Schemes for Sensor Network-Based Surveillance ApplicationsThomas, D; Shankaran, R; Sheng, QZ; Orgun, MA; Hitchens, M; Masud, M; Ni, W; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Piran, MJ
2021-01-01EV Scheduling Framework for Peak Demand Management in LV Residential NetworksRafique, S; Nizami, MSH; Irshad, UB; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2020-09-15Novel sizing method of energy storage system considering intermittent usage of EVs in a constrained gridIrshad, UB; Rafique, S; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2020-09-15Anti-islanding method for houses equipped with electric vehicles and photovoltaic systemIrshad, UB; Rafique, S; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2020-05Smart orthopaedic implants: A targeted approach for continuous postoperative evaluation in the spine.Ramakrishna, VAS; Chamoli, U; Rajan, G; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Prusty, BG; Diwan, AD
2018-01-01A Transparent Strain Sensor Based on PDMS-Embedded Conductive Fabric for Wearable Sensing ApplicationsNag, A; Simorangkir, RBVB; Valentin, E; Björninen, T; Ukkonen, L; Hashmi, RM; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2004-01Priority Based Dynamic Multiple Robot Path PlanningZheng, T; Liu, D; Wang, P; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Sen Gupta, G