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2022-01-01A Bibliometric Overview of the IEEE Transactions on Learning TechnologiesZurita, G; Mulet-Forteza, C; Merigo, JM; Lobos-Ossandon, V; Ogata, H
2021-01-01Leading countries in computer science: A bibliometric overviewZurita, G; Merigo, JM; Lobos-Ossandon, V; Mulet-Forteza, C
2020-12-07Research progress in tourism, leisure and hospitality in Europe (1969–2018)Mulet-Forteza, C; Lunn, E; Merigó, JM; Horrach, P
2020-07-02Scientific research in the tourism, leisure and hospitality field: a bibliometric analysisMerigó, JM; Mulet-Forteza, C; Martorell, O; Merigó-Lindahl, C
2020-01-01Leading universities in tourism and hospitality research: A bibliometric overviewMulet-Forteza, C; Mauleón-Méndez, E; Merigó, JM; Genovart-Balaguer, J
2020-01-01Bibliometrics in computer science: An institution rankingZurita, G; Merigo Lindahl, JM; Lobos-Ossandón, V; Mulet-Forteza, C
2019-12-09Bibliometric structure of IJCHM in its 30 yearsMulet-Forteza, C; Genovart-Balaguer, J; Merigó, JM; Mauleon-Mendez, E
2019-10-20Twenty years of Tourism Geographies: a bibliometric overviewMerigó, JM; Mulet-Forteza, C; Valencia, C; Lew, AA
2019-08-01A bibliometric research in the tourism, leisure and hospitality fieldsMulet-Forteza, C; Genovart-Balaguer, J; Mauleon-Mendez, E; Merigó, JM
2018-11-22Twenty five years of the Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing: a bibliometric rankingMulet-Forteza, C; Martorell-Cunill, O; Merigó, JM; Genovart-Balaguer, J; Mauleon-Mendez, E
2018-01-01Sustainable tourism research towards twenty-five years of the journal of sustainable tourismMauleon-Mendez, E; Genovart-Balaguer, J; Merigo, JM; Mulet-Forteza, C
2018-01-01The forgotten effects: An application in the social economy of companies of the Balearic IslandsMulet-Forteza, C; Horrach, P; Socias, A; Merigó, JM