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2023-11Face Validity of Four Preference-Weighted Quality-of-Life Measures in Residential Aged Care: A Think-Aloud Study.Engel, L; Kosowicz, L; Bogatyreva, E; Batchelor, F; Devlin, N; Dow, B; Gilbert, AS; Mulhern, B; Peasgood, T; Viney, R
2023-09-19Valuing the Dental Caries Utility Index in Australia.Hettiarachchi, RM; Kularatna, S; Byrnes, J; Mulhern, B; Chen, G; Scuffham, PA
2023-09-11Eliciting a value set for the Swedish Capability-Adjusted Life Years instrument (CALY-SWE).Meili, KW; Mulhern, B; Ssegonja, R; Norström, F; Feldman, I; Månsdotter, A; Hjelte, J; Lindholm, L
2023-07-20Feasibility of self-reported health related quality of life assessment with older people in residential care: insights from the application of eye tracking technology.Milte, R; Crocker, M; Lay, K; Ratcliffe, J; Mulhern, B; Norman, R; Viney, R; Khadka, J
2023-07Examining the psychometric properties of a split version of the EQ-5D-5L anxiety/depression dimension in patients with anxiety and/or depression.Belay, YB; Mihalopoulos, C; Lee, YY; Mulhern, B; Engel, L
2023-04The Use of a Discrete Choice Experiment Including Both Duration and Dead for the Development of an EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Australia.Norman, R; Mulhern, B; Lancsar, E; Lorgelly, P; Ratcliffe, J; Street, D; Viney, R
2023-03Patient Preferences for Attributes that Characterise Alternative Models of Care in Gastroenterology: A Discrete Choice Experiment.Mutsekwa, RN; Campbell, KL; Canavan, R; Mulhern, B; Angus, RL; Byrnes, JM
2023-01-25How do common conditions impact health-related quality of life for children? Providing guidance for validating pediatric preference-based measures.Xiong, X; Dalziel, K; Huang, L; Mulhern, B; Carvalho, N
2022-12-23EE545 Mapping Between Health and Broader Quality of Life Instruments: A Scoping ReviewAkanksha, A; Viney, R; Mulhern, B; Street, D
2022-12-21Developing an Australian utility value set for MacNew-7D health states.Kularatna, S; Chen, G; Norman, R; Mukuria, C; Rowen, D; Senanayake, S; Hettiarachchi, R; Mulhern, B; Fozzard, K; Parsonage, W; MacPhail, SM
2022-12-05What is measured by the composite, single-item pain/discomfort dimension of the EQ-5D-5L? An exploratory analysis.Engel, L; Whitehurst, DGT; Haagsma, J; Janssen, MF; Mulhern, B
2022-12-01PCR263 What Does the EQ-5D-Y-5L Measure in Comparison to Other Generic Paediatric Health Related Quality of Life Instruments?Bahrampour, M; Jones, R; Devlin, N; Dalziel, K; Mulhern, B
2022-12-01PCR62 The Australian Paediatric Multi-Instrument Comparison (P-MIC) Study: Data Quality, Feasibility, Acceptability, and Construct Validity of the EQ-5D-Y-3L, EQ-5D-Y5L, CHU9D, PedsQL, HUI, PROMIS-25 and AQoL-6DJones, R; Mulhern, B; Devlin, N; O’Loughlin, R; Xiong, X; Bahrampour, M; McGregor, K; Yip, S; Hiscock, H; Dalziel, K
2022-12-01MSR68 Development of a Checklist for Studies Reporting the Elicitation of Stated Preferences Values for Child Health Related Quality of LifeBailey, C; Howell, M; Raghunandan, R; Dalziel, K; Howard, K; Mulhern, B; Petrou, S; Rowen, D; Salisbury, A; Viney, R; Lancsar, E; Devlin, N
2022-12-01HTA163 Development of SF-6Dv2 Health Utility Weights in the United StatesRendas-Baum, R; Mulhern, B; Thurn, C; McCausland, K; Brazier, J; Bjorner, J
2022-12-01PCR30 An Empirical Comparison of EQ-5D-Y-5L and EQ-5D-Y 3L QuestionnairesBahrampour, M; Devlin, N; Mulhern, B
2022-12Deciding Between SF-6Dv2 Health States: A Think-Aloud Study of Decision-Making Strategies Used in Discrete Choice Experiments.Broderick, L; Bjorner, JB; Lauher-Charest, M; White, MK; Kosinski, M; Mulhern, B; Brazier, J
2022-11-11Author Reply.Brazier, J; Peasgood, T; Mukuria, C; Luo, N; Mulhern, B; Pickard, AS; Augustovski, F; Greiner, W; Engel, L
2022-11-01PSAT097 Patient Preference Research: Preferred Adjunctive Medication Attributes of Adult Patients with Classic Congenital Adrenal HyperplasiaManahan, R; Macey, J; Farrar, M; O’Donoghue, C; Knight, S; Carmichael, C; Marshall, C; Yonan, C; Imel, E; Salam, M; Mulhern, B
2022-09-14Where do measures of health, social care and wellbeing fit within a wider measurement framework? Implications for the measurement of quality of life and the identification of bolt-ons.Finch, AP; Mulhern, B