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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Re-sensitising the body: interactive art and the Feldenkrais methodLoke, L; Khut, PG; Slattery, M; Truman, C; Muller, E; Duckworth, J
2011-01Learning from experience: A reflective curatorial practiceMuller, E; Candy, L; Edmonds, E
2011-01Dangerous Learning in Edgy Contexts: Creativity and Innovation in the South African Arts DomainDovey, KA; Muller, E
2010-01Media Art Theory and Practice, Critical Writing, 2005-2009Muller, E
2010-01Systems Aesthetics, Catalogue Essays, 2007-2010Muller, E
2010Oral history and the media art audienceMuller, E; Dekker, A.
2009-01An Indeterminate Archive for David Rokeby's Giver of NamesMuller, E; jones, C; Cubitt, S; Thomas, P
2008-01Between real and ideal: Documenting media art (David Rokeby)Jones, C; Muller, E
2008The Experience of interactive art: a curatorial studyMuller, E
2006-01Creating affective visualisations for a Physiologically interactive artworkMuller, E; Turner, GA; Khut, PG; Edmonds, EA; Banissi, E; Burkhard, RA; Ursyn, A; Zhang, JJ; Bannatyne, MWM; Maple, C; Cowell, AJ; Tianm, GY; Hou, M
2006-01Experience WorkshopsMuller, E; Robertson, TJ; Edmonds, EA; Simpson, M
2006-01George Khut - It's all about youMuller, E; Ivanova, A
2006-01Living laboratories for interactive artMuller, E; Edmonds, EA
2006-01Living Laboratories: Making and Curating Interactive ArtMuller, E; Edmonds, EA; Mitchell, B
2006Engaging with experienceMuller, E; Muller, E; Edmonds, E; Turnbull, D
2005-01Understanding the Experience of Interactive Art: Iamascope in Beta_SpaceCostello, BM; Muller, E; Pisan, Y
2005-01Understanding the experience of interactive art: Iamascope in Beta_spaceCostello, BM; Muller, E; Amitani, S; Edmonds, EA; Pisan Yusuf
2005-01Designing a movement-based interactive experience using empirically derived personas and scenariosKan, MM; Robertson, TJ; Muller, E; Sadler, KA; Larssen, A; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J
2005-01Evolving Creative Practice: A Reflection on Working with Audience Experience in CardiomorphologiesKhut, PG; Muller, E; Anastasiou, P; Trist, K; Smithies, R
-Mirror StatesMuller, E; Cleland, K