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2023-03-01‘Diabetes Connekt’ – an innovative platform to build health workforce capacity for diabetes careMurfet, G
2023-03-01Health literacy 101 - Enhancing written communicationLin, S; Murfet, G; Muscat, D
2022-12-21Health literacy 101 – Going back to basics to move diabetes practice forwardLin, S; Murfet, G; Muscat, D
2022-07-28Assessment and Management of Obesity and Self-maintenance (AMOS): Outcomes of a multidisciplinary clinic for people living with type 2 diabetes and obesityMurfet, G; Robertson, I; Luccisano, S; Kilpatrick, M
2022-07-28Capability Framework for Diabetes Care: A health workforce investmentMurfet, G; Ostaszkiewicz, J; Rasmussen, B
2022-07-28Capabilities versus competence – what’s the difference? The move to capabilities in diabetes careMurfet, G
2022-07-15Enhancing the capacity of the health workforce to deliver best practice diabetes careMurfet, G; Ng, A; Hagger, V; Davidson, S; Ward, G; Fenton, B; Rasmussen, B
2022-05-07An innovative online platform to build workforce diabetes capabilitiesMurfet, G; Rasmussen, B
2022-01-17Diabetes Capabilities for the Healthcare Workforce Identified via a 3-Staged Modified Delphi Technique.Murfet, G; Ostaszkiewicz, J; Rasmussen, B
2020-06A position statement on screening and management of prediabetes in adults in primary care in Australia.Bell, K; Shaw, JE; Maple-Brown, L; Ferris, W; Gray, S; Murfet, G; Flavel, R; Maynard, B; Ryrie, H; Pritchard, B; Freeman, R; Gordon, BA
2020-03-19Capabilities required by health professionals to deliver diabetes care identified through Delphi techniqueMurfet, G; Ostaszkiewicz, J; Dunning, T
2019-11-01The privileged nurse – making sure that the nurse’s voice is heardMurfet, G
2019-08-22Exploring Diabetes Competencies: Engaging with Colleagues using the Delphi MethodMurfet, G; Ostaszkiewicz, J; Dunning, T
2018-03-27Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency – a case studyMurfet, G
2017-05-26Translating the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Obesity Guidelines into Practice into a Rural/Regional Setting in Tasmania, AustraliaMurfet, G; Behrens, H
2015-11-29The Role of the Nurse Practitioner in Addressing Healthcare Gaps and Integrated CareMurfet, G; Woods, M
2015-08-01Malnutrition considerations in the person on a GLP-1 receptor agonistMurfet, G; Luccisano, S
2015-04-16Improving the Management & Effectiveness of Diabetes in Pregnancy Care: a pivotal role for the Nurse PractitionerMurfet, G; Neil, A
2015-04-16Cost Analysis of the Credentialled Diabetes Educator Diabetes in Pregnancy Care Model versus Conventional CareNeil, A; Weber, H; Murfet, G
2014-08-21Benefits of GLP-1 Analogue and Insulin Combination in a Nurse Practitioner Supported ServiceMurfet, G; Hills, J; Woods, M