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2022-10-01IgG Subclass-Dependent Pulmonary Antigen Retention during Acute IgG-Dependent Systemic Anaphylaxis in Mice.Todorova, B; Godon, O; Conde, E; Gillis, CM; Iannascoli, B; Richard-Le Goff, O; Fiole, D; Roumenina, LT; Leusen, JHW; Murphy, AJ; Macdonald, LE; Reber, LL; Jönsson, F; Bruhns, P
2020-11Lack of Strategic Funding and Long-Term Job Security Threaten to Have Profound Effects on Cardiovascular Researcher Retention in Australia.Climie, RE; Wu, JHY; Calkin, AC; Chapman, N; Inglis, SC; Mirabito Colafella, KM; Picone, DS; Tan, JTM; Thomas, E; Viola, HM; Wise, SG; Murphy, AJ; Nelson, MR; Nicholls, SJ; Hool, LC; Doyle, K; Figtree, GA; Marques, FZ; Australian Cardiovascular Alliance,
2019-11-06An engineered human Fc domain that behaves like a pH-toggle switch for ultra-long circulation persistence.Lee, C-H; Kang, TH; Godon, O; Watanabe, M; Delidakis, G; Gillis, CM; Sterlin, D; Hardy, D; Cogné, M; Macdonald, LE; Murphy, AJ; Tu, N; Lee, J; McDaniel, JR; Makowski, E; Tessier, PM; Meyer, AS; Bruhns, P; Georgiou, G
2018-04-13Platelets expressing IgG receptor FcγRIIA/CD32A determine the severity of experimental anaphylaxis.Beutier, H; Hechler, B; Godon, O; Wang, Y; Gillis, CM; de Chaisemartin, L; Gouel-Chéron, A; Magnenat, S; Macdonald, LE; Murphy, AJ; NASA study group,; Chollet-Martin, S; Longrois, D; Gachet, C; Bruhns, P; Jönsson, F
2017-07-03The relationship between lower body stiffness and injury incidence in female netballersPickering Rodriguez, EC; Watsford, ML; Bower, RG; Murphy, AJ
2017-06In vivo effector functions of high-affinity mouse IgG receptor FcγRI in disease and therapy models.Gillis, CM; Zenatti, PP; Mancardi, DA; Beutier, H; Fiette, L; Macdonald, LE; Murphy, AJ; Celli, S; Bousso, P; Jönsson, F; Bruhns, P
2017-04Mechanisms of anaphylaxis in human low-affinity IgG receptor locus knock-in mice.Gillis, CM; Jönsson, F; Mancardi, DA; Tu, N; Beutier, H; Van Rooijen, N; Macdonald, LE; Murphy, AJ; Bruhns, P
2016-12-01Validity and reliability of three methods of stiffness assessmentPruyn, EC; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ
2016-02-18The effect of low- vs high-cadence interval training on the freely chosen cadence and performance in endurance-trained cyclistsWhitty, AG; Murphy, AJ; Coutts, AJ; Watsford, ML
2015-01-01Reliability and validity of sports accelerometers during static and dynamic testingKelly, SJ; Murphy, AJ; Watsford, ML; Austin, D; Rennie, M
2015-01-01Differences in lower-body stiffness between levels of netball competitionPruyn, EC; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ
2013-07-01Seasonal variation of leg stiffness in professional Australian rules footballersPruyn, EC; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Cameron, ML; Johnston, RJ
2012-11-25Relationship between stiffness and lower body soft-tissue injury in professional Australian Rules footballersPruyn, EC; Watsford, ML; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Murphy, AJ; Cameron, ML; Johnston, R
2012-10Quantifying session ratings of perceived exertion for field-based speed training methods in team sport athletes.Lockie, RG; Murphy, AJ; Scott, BR; Janse de Jonge, XAK
2012-06The effects of different speed training protocols on sprint acceleration kinematics and muscle strength and power in field sport athletes.Lockie, RG; Murphy, AJ; Schultz, AB; Knight, TJ; Janse de Jonge, XAK
2012-03-01The validity and reliability of 5-Hz global positioning system units to measure team sport movement demandsJohnston, RJ; Watsford, ML; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Murphy, AJ; Pruyn, EC
2012-01Relationship Between Leg Stiffness And Lower Body Injuries In Professional Australian FootballPruyn, EC; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Cameron, MP; Johnston, RL
2011-10Factors that differentiate acceleration ability in field sport athletes.Lockie, RG; Murphy, AJ; Knight, TJ; Janse de Jonge, XAK
2011-03-01Time-motion analysis of international and national level futsalDogramaci, SN; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ
2011-03-01The reliability and validity of subjective notational analysis in comparison to global positioning system tracking to assess athlete movement patternsDoǧramaci, SN; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ