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2023-07-11Impact of extreme heatwaves and life-history traits on seed germination responses in Cumberland Plain Woodland native plant speciesAlvarez, PR; Krix, DW; Offord, CA; Murray, BR; Guja, L
2023-04Community perceptions of ecosystem services and disservices linked to urban tree plantingsDrew-Smythe, JJ; Davila, YC; McLean, CM; Hingee, MC; Murray, ML; Webb, JK; Krix, DW; Murray, BR
2023-02-24Thermal Profiles of Chainsaw Hollows and Natural Hollows during Extreme Heat Events.Callan, MN; Krix, D; McLean, CM; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2023-02-14Phytoremediation of Agricultural Pollutants in the TropicsMurray, ML; Murray, BR
2023Shoot flammability patterns among plant species of the wildland–urban interface in the fire-prone Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage AreaMurray, BR; Hawthorne, T; Curran, TJ; Krix, DW; Wallace, MI; Young, K; Murray, ML; Morley, E; Huber-Smith, N; Webb, JK
2022-01-20A Predictive Model of Leaf Flammability Using Leaf Traits and Radiant Heat Flux for Plants of Fire-Prone Dry Sclerophyll ForestKrix, DW; Murray, BR
2022-01-01Increasing radiant heat flux affects leaf flammability patterns in plant species of eastern Australian fire-prone woodlands.Krix, DW; Murray, ML; Murray, BR
2021-10-04Lost but Not Forgotten: Identifying Unmapped and Unlisted Environmental Hazards including Abandoned MinesYoung, KP; Murray, BR; Martin, LJ; Murray, ML
2021-01-22Insulated nest boxes provide thermal refuges for wildlife in urban bushland during summer heatwavesHoney, R; McLean, C; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2021-01-01Choice of monitoring method can influence estimates of usage of artificial hollows by vertebrate faunaHoney, R; McLean, CM; Murray, BR; Callan, MN; Webb, JK; Cooper, P
2020-08-01Promising yet variable performance of cross-taxon biodiversity surrogates: a test in two marine habitats at multiple timesGladstone, W; Murray, BR; Hutchings, P
2019-01-01Relationships among leaf flammability attributes and identifying low-leaf-flammability species at the wildland-urban interfaceKrix, DW; Phillips, ML; Murray, BR
2019-01-01Higher incubation temperatures produce long-lasting upward shifts in cold tolerance, but not heat tolerance, of hatchling geckosAbayarathna, T; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2018-05-09Selecting low-flammability plants as green firebreaks within sustainable urban garden designMurray, BR; Martin, LJ; Brown, C; Krix, DW; Phillips, ML
2018-02-01Landscape variation in plant leaf flammability is driven by leaf traits responding to environmental gradients:Krix, DW; Murray, BR
2017-12-01Ecological impacts of fire trails on plant assemblages in edge habitat adjacent to trailsKrix, DW; Hingee, MC; Martin, LJ; Phillips, ML; Murray, BR
2017-06-15Hotter nests produce hatchling lizards with lower thermal toleranceDayananda, B; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2017-06-01Differences in life-cycle stage components between native and introduced ranges of five woody Fabaceae speciesHarris, CJ; Manea, A; Moles, AT; Murray, BR; Leishman, MR
2017-04-01Patterns of plant species composition in mesic woodlands are related to a naturally occurring depth-to-groundwater gradientHingee, MC; Eamus, D; Krix, DW; Zolfaghar, S; Murray, BR
2017-01-01Taxonomic perils and pitfalls of dataset assembly in ecology: A case study of the naturalized Asteraceae in AustraliaMurray, BR; Martin, LJ; Phillips, ML; Pyšek, P