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1-Jun-2019Journalism Educators, Regulatory Realities, and Pedagogical Predicaments of the “Fake News” Era: A Comparative Perspective on the Middle East and AfricaMutsvairo, B; Bebawi, S
1-Jan-2018Can the subaltern think? The decolonial turn in communication research in AfricaMoyo, L; Mutsvairo, B
1-Jan-2018Key developments in political communication in AfricaMutsvairo, B; Karam, B
1-Jan-2018If I were a carpenter: Reframing debates in media and communication research in AfricaMutsvairo, B
2018Digital Inclusion: Empowering People through Information and Communication TechnologiesRagnedda, M; Mutsvairo, B; Ragnedda, M; Mutsvairo, B
2018Mapping Social Media Trajectories in ZimbabweMutsvairo, B; Meikle, G
3-Apr-2017Pictures, Protests and Politics: Mapping Twitter Images during South Africa’s Fees Must Fall CampaignBosch, T; Mutsvairo, B
2017ZimbabweMutsvairo, B; Steckman, L; Andrews, M
12-Aug-2016Demystifying digital divide and digital leisureRagnedda, M; Mutsvairo, B
2016Rethinking mobile media tactics in protests: A comparative case study of Hong Kong and MalawiMutsvairo, B; Harris, S; Wan, R
1-Jan-2015Dispatches from the dispersed: Comparatively analysing internet-based diasporic journalism within Zimbabwean and Iranian contextsAlinejad, D; Mutsvairo, B
2015Appraising Zimbabwe’s AIPPA: Aiding information access or ambushing media freedom?Mutsvairo, B; Felle, T; Mair, J
1-Jan-2014On digitally networked technologies, hegemony and regime durability in authoritarian regimes: A Zimbabwean case studyLeijendekker, I; Mutsvairo, B
1-Jan-2014Reconnoitering the role of (citizen) journalism ethics in the emerging networked public sphereMutsvairo, B; Columbus, S; Leijendekker, I
2013No technology but still participatory journalists: Viewpoints from Zimbabwe’s rural folksMutsvairo, B
2013Are new media technologies positively influencing democratic participation: Evidence from the 2008 elections in Zimbabwe.Mutsvairo, B
2012Emerging patterns and trends in Citizen Journalism in Africa: A case of ZimbabweMutsvairo, B; Columbus, S