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2018-06-01A retrospective pilot study to determine whether the reproductive tract microbiota differs between women with a history of infertility and fertile womenWee, BA; Thomas, M; Sweeney, EL; Frentiu, FD; Samios, M; Ravel, J; Gajer, P; Myers, G; Timms, P; Allan, JA; Huston, WM
2018Dual RNA sequencing (dRNA-Seq) of bacteria and their host cellsMarsh, JW; Hayward, R; Shetty, A; Mahurkar, A; Humphreys, M; Myers, G
2017-05-30Bioinformatic analysis of bacteria and host cell dual RNA-sequencing experimentsMarsh, J; Hayward, R; Shetty, A; Mahurkar, A; Humphrys, M; Myers, G
2015-12-22Phylogenetic analysis of human Chlamydia pneumoniae strains reveals a distinct Australian indigenous clade that predates European exploration of the continentRoulis, E; Bachmann, N; Humphrys, M; Myers, G; Huston, W; Polkinghorne, A; Timms, P
2014-06-17Standardized metadata for human pathogen/vector genomic sequencesDugan, VG; Emrich, SJ; Giraldo-Calderón, GI; Harb, OS; Newman, RM; Pickett, BE; Schriml, LM; Stockwell, TB; Stoeckert, CJ; Sullivan, DE; Singh, I; Ward, DV; Yao, A; Zheng, J; Barrett, T; Birren, B; Brinkac, L; Bruno, VM; Caler, E; Chapman, S; Collins, FH; Cuomo, CA; Di Francesco, V; Durkin, S; Eppinger, M; Feldgarden, M; Fraser, C; Fricke, WF; Giovanni, M; Henn, MR; Hine, E; Hotopp, JD; Karsch-Mizrachi, I; Kissinger, JC; Lee, EM; Mathur, P; Mongodin, EF; Murphy, CI; Myers, G; Neafsey, DE; Nelson, KE; Nierman, WC; Puzak, J; Rasko, D; Roos, DS; Sadzewicz, L; Silva, JC; Sobral, B; Squires, RB; Stevens, RL; Tallon, L; Tettelin, H; Wentworth, D; White, O; Will, R; Wortman, J; Zhang, Y; Scheuermann, RH
2014-03-01Evidence for the existence of two new members of the family Chlamydiaceae and proposal of Chlamydia avium sp. nov. and Chlamydia gallinacea sp. nov.Sachse, K; Laroucau, K; Riege, K; Wehner, S; Dilcher, M; Creasy, HH; Weidmann, M; Myers, G; Vorimore, F; Vicari, N; Magnino, S; Liebler-Tenorio, E; Ruettger, A; Bavoil, PM; Hufert, FT; Rosselló-Móra, R; Marz, M
2014-03-01Genetic Variation In Vitro and In Vivo of an Attenuated Lassa Vaccine CandidateZapata, JC; Goicochea, M; Nadai, Y; Eyzaguirre, LM; Carr, JK; Tallon, LJ; Sadzewicz, L; Myers, G; Fraser, CM; Su, Q; Djavani, M; Lukashevich, IS; Salvato, MS
2014-01-01Genetic variation in vitro and in vivo of an attenuated lassa vaccine candidateZapata, JC; Goicochea, M; Nadai, Y; Eyzaguirre, LM; Carr, JK; Tallon, LJ; Sadzewicz, L; Myers, G; Fraser, CM; Su, Q; Djavani, M; Lukashevich, IS; Salvato, MS
2013-09-20Isolation of a New Chlamydia species from the Feral Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus): Chlamydia ibidisVorimore, F; Hsia, RC; Huot-Creasy, H; Bastian, S; Deruyter, L; Passet, A; Sachse, K; Bavoil, P; Myers, G; Laroucau, K
2012-10-01Full genome sequences of all nine Chlamydia psittaci genotype reference strainsVan Lent, S; Piet, JR; van der Beeckman, D; Van Nieuwerburgh, F; Bavoil, P; Myers, G; Vanrompay, D; Pannekoek, Y
2009-12-29Comprehensive in silico prediction and analysis of chlamydial outer membrane proteins reflects evolution and life style of the ChlamydiaeHeinz, E; Tischler, P; Rattei, T; Myers, G; Wagner, M; Horn, M
2009-09-01Predicting phenotype and emerging strains among Chlamydia trachomatis infectionsDean, D; Bruno, WJ; Wan, R; Gomes, JP; Devignot, S; Mehari, T; De Vries, HJC; Morré, SA; Myers, G; Read, TD; Spratt, BG
2009-03-01Divergence without difference: Phylogenetics and taxonomy of Chlamydia resolvedStephens, RS; Myers, G; Eppinger, M; Bavoil, PM
2008-12-01Preliminary phylogenetic identification of virulent Chlamydophila pecorum strainsYousef Mohamad, K; Roche, SM; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM; Laroucau, K; Magnino, S; Laurent, S; Rasschaert, D; Rodolakis, A
2008-11-01Identification and characterisation of coding tandem repeat variants in incA gene of Chlamydophila pecorumMohamad, KY; Rekiki, A; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM; Rodolakis, A
2007-06-01Type III secretion à la ChlamydiaPeters, J; Wilson, DP; Myers, G; Timms, P; Bavoil, PM
2007-03-01Genomic plasticity of the rrn-nqrF intergenic segment in the ChlamydiaceaeLiu, Z; Rank, R; Kaltenboeck, B; Magnino, S; Dean, D; Burall, L; Plaut, RD; Read, TD; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM
2005-01-01Cloning, expression, and purification of Brucella suis outer membrane proteinsDing, XZ; Bhattacharjee, A; Nikolich, MP; Paulsen, IT; Myers, G; Seshadri, R; Hoover, DL