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1-Oct-2018Water resource selection and optimisation for shale gas developments in Australia: A combinatorial approachGonzalez Cruz, C; Naderpour, M; Ramezani, F
1-Aug-2018Robust Platelet Logistics Planning in Disaster Relief Operations Under Uncertainty: a Coordinated ApproachKamyabniya, A; Lotfi, MM; Naderpour, M; Yih, Y
13-Jul-2018SaaS E-Commerce Platforms Web Accessibility EvaluationSohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Hussain, W
8-Jul-2018Handling Uncertainty in Social Lending Credit Risk Prediction with a Choquet Fuzzy Integral ModelNamvar, A; Naderpour, M
1-May-2018Texas LPG fire: Domino effects triggered by natural hazardsNaderpour, M; Khakzad, N
12-Jan-2018A customer segmentation framework for targeted marketing in telecommunicationNamvar, A; Ghazanfari, M; Naderpour, M
12-Jan-2018An object oriented Bayesian network approach for unsafe driving maneuvers prevention systemKridalukmana, R; Lu, HY; Naderpour, M
1-Dec-2017An object oriented Bayesian network approach for unsafe driving maneuvers prevention systemKridalukmana, R; Lu, H; Naderpour, M
23-Aug-2017A fuzzy virtual machine workload prediction method for cloud environmentsRamezani, F; Naderpour, M
23-Aug-2017Decision making on adoption of cloud computing in e-commerce using fuzzy TOPSISSohaib, O; Naderpour, M
1-Jan-2017Generating a Risk Profile for Car Insurance Policyholders: A Deep Learning Conceptual ModelSiaminamini, M; Naderpour, M; Lu, J
7-Nov-2016A Multi-objective Optimization Model for Virtual Machine Mapping in Cloud Data CentresRamezani, F; Naderpour, M; Lu, J
1-Jun-2016A safety-critical decision support system evaluation using situation awareness and workload measuresNaderpour, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2016E-commerce development risk evaluation using MCDM techniquesAlharbi, S; Naderpour, M
25-Nov-2015Handling uncertainty in cloud resource management using fuzzy Bayesian networksRamezani, F; Naderpour, M; Lu, J
1-Nov-2015A human-system interface risk assessment method based on mental modelsNaderpour, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2015The role of situation awareness in accidents of large-scale technological systemsNaderpour, M; Nazir, S; Lu, J
1-Jan-2015An abnormal situation modeling method to assist operators in safety-critical systemsNaderpour, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2015Intelligent situation awareness support system for safety-critical environmentsNaderpour, M
1-Aug-2014A Situation Analysis Decision Support System Based on Dynamic Object Oriented Bayesian NetworksNaderpour, M; Lu, J