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1-Mar-2012Robust sampled-data control of structures subject to parameter uncertainties and actuator saturationDu, H; Zhang, N; Samali, B; Naghdy, F
2012Implementation of a Haptic Musical Instrument Using Multi-Signal Fusion for Force Sensing Without Additional Force SensorsHavryliv, M; Naghdy, F; Schiemer, G; IEEE; Japan, RSO
29-Aug-2011Actuator saturation control of uncertain structures with input time delayDu, H; Zhang, N; Naghdy, F
1-Jan-2011Velocity-dependent robust control for improving vehicle lateral dynamicsDu, H; Zhang, N; Naghdy, F
1-Jan-2011Robust control of vehicle electrorheological suspension subject to measurement noisesDu, H; Zhang, N; Naghdy, F
1-Dec-2010The case for ICT work-integrated learning from graduates in the workplaceKoppi, T; Edwards, SL; Sheard, J; Naghdy, F; Brookes, W
1-Dec-2010Towards a gender inclusive information and communications technology curriculum: A perspective from graduates in the workforceKoppi, T; Sheard, J; Naghdy, F; Edwards, SL; Brookes, W
1-Dec-2009What our ICT graduates really need from us: A perspective from the workplaceKoppi, T; Sheard, J; Naghdy, F; Chicharo, J; Edwards, SL; Brookes, W; Wilson, D
1-Apr-2004Active control of cross wind response of 76-story tall building using a fuzzy controllerSamali, B; Al-Dawod, M; Kwok, KCS; Naghdy, F
1-Apr-2004Fuzzy controller for seismically excited nonlinear buildingsAl-Dawod, M; Samali, B; Kwok, K; Naghdy, F
1-Nov-2001Active control of along wind responce of tall building using a fuzzy controllerAldawod, M; Samali, B; Naghdy, F; Kwok, KCS