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29-Jan-2018Assessing user engagement with a fall prevention game as an unsupervised exercise program for older peopleGarcia, JA; Raffe, WL; Navarro, KF
1-Dec-2016A Bespoke Kinect Stepping Exergame for Improving Physical and Cognitive Function in Older People: A Pilot StudyGarcia, JA; Schoene, D; Lord, SR; Delbaere, K; Valenzuela, T; Navarro, KF
1-Jan-2016Review paper on nutritional information using mobile augmented reality technologyButt, SM; Navarro, KF
30-Oct-2015SYMPHONY - A Controller Architecture for Hybrid Software Defined NetworksChemalamarri, VD; Nanda, P; Navarro, KF
1-Jan-2014Step Kinection: A hybrid clinical test for fall risk assessment in older adultsGarcia, JA; Tan, CT; Pisan, Y; Navarro, KF
1-Jan-2014Assessing the kinect’s capabilities to perform a time-based clinical test for fall risk assessment in older peopleGarcia, JA; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT; Navarro, KF
1-Jan-2014The mobile RehApp™: An AR-based mobile game for ankle sprain rehabilitationGarcia, JA; Navarro, KF
30-Oct-2013Improving lives: Using microsoft kinect to predict the loss of balance for elderly users under cognitive loadPisan, Y; Marin, JG; Navarro, KF
1-Jun-2013Non-parametric and integrated framework for segmenting and counting neuroblastic cells within neuroblastoma tumor imagesTafavogh, S; Navarro, KF; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
1-Jan-2013SocialCycle: What can a mobile app do to encourage cycling?Navarro, KF; Gay, V; Golliard, L; Johnston, B; Leijdekkers, P; Vaughan, E; Wang, X; Williams, MA
Jan-2011Serious Games to Improve the Physical Health of the Elderly: A Categorization SchemeGarcia Marin, JA; Felix Navarro, KM; Lawrence, EM; Marin, JG; Navarro, KF; Lawrence, E
1-Dec-2010Intelligent network management for healthcare monitoringNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E; Debenham, J
18-May-2010WSN applications in personal healthcare monitoring systems: A heterogeneous frameworkNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E
18-May-2010Interactive games to improve quality of life for the elderly: Towards integration into a WSN monitoring systemLawrence, E; Sax, C; Navarro, KF; Qiao, M
1-Jan-2010Improving health outcomes for the elderly an analytic frameworkLawrence, E; Sax, C; Navarro, KF
23-Jul-2009Data collection, correlation and dissemination of medical sensor information in a WSNLawrence, E; Navarro, KF; Hoang, D; Yen, YL
10-Apr-2009Medical motecare: A distributed personal healthcare monitoring systemNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E; Lim, B
1-Feb-2007A comprehensive survey of brain interface technology designsMason, SG; Bashashati, A; Fatourechi, M; Navarro, KF; Birch, GE
1-Dec-2006An extranet in action: Globally networked academics and studentsLawrence, E; Szewcow, U; Navarro, KF
1-Dec-2006MoteCare: An adaptive smart BAN health monitoring systemLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Navarro, KF