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2023-08-24Safer medicines To reduce falls and refractures for OsteoPorosis (#STOP): a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of medical specialist-initiated pharmacist-led medication management reviews in primary care.Moles, RJ; Perry, L; Naylor, JM; Center, J; Ebeling, P; Duque, G; Major, G; White, C; Yates, C; Jennings, M; Kotowicz, M; Tran, T; Bliuc, D; Si, L; Gibson, K; Basger, BJ; Bolton, P; Barnett, S; Hassett, G; Kelly, A; Bazarnik, B; Ezz, W; Luckie, K; Carter, SR
2023-01-25The Natural Helper approach to culturally responsive disease management: protocol for a type 1 effectiveness-implementation cluster randomised controlled trial of a cultural mentor programme.Brady, B; Sidhu, B; Jennings, M; Saberi, G; Tang, C; Hassett, G; Boland, R; Dennis, S; Ashton-James, C; Refshauge, K; Descallar, J; Lim, D; Said, CM; Williams, G; Sayed, S; Naylor, JM
2019-04-05Assessment of Outcomes of Inpatient or Clinic-Based vs Home-Based Rehabilitation After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Buhagiar, MA; Naylor, JM; Harris, IA; Xuan, W; Adie, S; Lewin, A
2017-06-19Understanding consumer and clinician preferences and decision making for rehabilitation following arthroplasty in the private sector.Buhagiar, MA; Naylor, JM; Simpson, G; Harris, IA; Kohler, F
2017-03-14Effect of Inpatient Rehabilitation vs a Monitored Home-Based Program on Mobility in Patients With Total Knee Arthroplasty: The HIHO Randomized Clinical Trial.Buhagiar, MA; Naylor, JM; Harris, IA; Xuan, W; Kohler, F; Wright, R; Fortunato, R
2016-09-13Minimal important improvement thresholds for the six-minute walk test in a knee arthroplasty cohort: triangulation of anchor- and distribution-based methods.Naylor, JM; Mills, K; Buhagiar, M; Fortunato, R; Wright, R
2014-07-11Minimal detectable change for mobility and patient-reported tools in people with osteoarthritis awaiting arthroplastyNaylor, JM; Hayen, A; Davidson, E; Hackett, D; Harris, IA; Kamalasena, G; Mittal, R
2013-10-01Can the oxford scores be used to monitor symptomatic progression of patients awaiting knee or hip arthroplasty?Naylor, JM; Kamalasena, G; Hayen, A; Harris, IA; Adie, S
2012-06-01Introductory insights into patient preferences for outpatient rehabilitation after knee replacement: implications for practice and future researchNaylor, JM; Mittal, R; Carroll, K; Harris, IA
-Comparison of short-term outcomes between people with and without a pre-morbid mental health diagnosis following surgery for traumatic hand injury: a prospective longitudinal study of a multicultural cohortNaylor, JM; Bhandari, P; Descallar, J; Yang, OO; Rider, M; Mayland, EC; Tang, C; Brady, B; Lim, D; Santalucia, Y; Gabbe, BJ; Hassett, G; Baker, E