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2023-03-23Receipt of Mental Health Treatment in People Living With Stroke: Associated Factors and Long-Term Outcomes.Tjokrowijoto, P; Stolwyk, RJ; Ung, D; Kneebone, I; Kilkenny, MF; Kim, J; Olaiya, MT; Dalli, LL; Cadilhac, DA; Nelson, MR; Lannin, NA; Andrew, NE; PRECISE Investigators,
2022-06Prediction of disability-free survival in healthy older people.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Murray, AM; Callander, E; Carr, PR; Nelson, MR; Wolfe, R; Woods, RL; Reid, CM; Shah, RC; Newman, AB; Williamson, JD; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ; ASPREE investigators,
2022-02A multistate model of health transitions in older people: a secondary analysis of ASPREE clinical trial data.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Callander, E; Carr, PR; Qaderi, V; Nelson, MR; Reid, CM; Woods, RL; Orchard, SG; Wolfe, R; Polekhina, G; Williamson, JD; Trauer, JM; Newman, AB; Murray, AM; Ernst, ME; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ
2022-02Cardiovascular risk prediction in healthy older people.Neumann, JT; Thao, LTP; Callander, E; Chowdhury, E; Williamson, JD; Nelson, MR; Donnan, G; Woods, RL; Reid, CM; Poppe, KK; Jackson, R; Tonkin, AM; McNeil, JJ
2021-09-18Initial treatment with a single pill containing quadruple combination of quarter doses of blood pressure medicines versus standard dose monotherapy in patients with hypertension (QUARTET): a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, active-controlled trial.Chow, CK; Atkins, ER; Hillis, GS; Nelson, MR; Reid, CM; Schlaich, MP; Hay, P; Rogers, K; Billot, L; Burke, M; Chalmers, J; Neal, B; Patel, A; Usherwood, T; Webster, R; Rodgers, A; QUARTET Investigators,
2020-11Lack of Strategic Funding and Long-Term Job Security Threaten to Have Profound Effects on Cardiovascular Researcher Retention in Australia.Climie, RE; Wu, JHY; Calkin, AC; Chapman, N; Inglis, SC; Mirabito Colafella, KM; Picone, DS; Tan, JTM; Thomas, E; Viola, HM; Wise, SG; Murphy, AJ; Nelson, MR; Nicholls, SJ; Hool, LC; Doyle, K; Figtree, GA; Marques, FZ; Australian Cardiovascular Alliance,
2012-05-01Stroke management: Updated recommendations for treatment along the care continuumWright, L; Hill, KM; Bernhardt, J; Lindley, R; Ada, L; Bajorek, BV; Barber, PA; Beer, C; Golledge, J; Gustafsson, L; Hersh, D; Kenardy, J; Perry, L; Middleton, S; Brauer, SG; Nelson, MR