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2023-04Human Genetics Society of Australasia Position Statement: Genetic Testing and Personal Insurance Products in Australia.DeBortoli, E; McInerney-Leo, AM; Ayres, S; Boyle, J; Jacobs, C; Newson, AJ; Education, Ethics and Social Issues Committee of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia,
2023-04Human Genetics Society of Australasia Position Statement: Genetic Carrier Testing for Recessive Conditions.Vears, DF; Boyle, J; Jacobs, C; McInerney-Leo, A; Newson, AJ; Education, Ethics and Social Issues Committee of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia,
2023-02-06How should severity be understood in the context of reproductive genetic carrier screening?Dive, L; Archibald, AD; Freeman, L; Newson, AJ
2022-11-01The Australian Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening Project (Mackenzie's Mission): Design and ImplementationArchibald, AD; McClaren, BJ; Caruana, J; Tutty, E; King, EA; Halliday, JL; Best, S; Kanga-Parabia, A; Bennetts, BH; Cliffe, CC; Madelli, EO; Ho, G; Liebelt, J; Long, JC; Braithwaite, J; Kennedy, J; Massie, J; Emery, JD; McGaughran, J; Marum, JE; Boggs, K; Barlow-Stewart, K; Burnett, L; Dive, L; Freeman, L; Davis, MR; Downes, MJ; Wallis, M; Ferrie, MM; Pachter, N; Scuffham, PA; Casella, R; Allcock, RJN; Ong, R; Edwards, S; Righetti, S; Lunke, S; Lewis, S; Walker, SP; Boughtwood, TF; Hardy, T; Newson, AJ; Kirk, EP; Laing, NG; Delatycki, MB
2022-08Preferences for return of germline genome sequencing results for cancer patients and their genetic relatives in a research setting.Best, MC; Butow, P; Savard, J; Jacobs, C; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Biesecker, B; Tucker, KM; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Schlub, T; Newson, AJ
2022-07Ethically robust reproductive genetic carrier screening needs to measure outcomes that matter to patients.Dive, L; Newson, AJ
2022-05-10Clinician views and experiences of non-invasive prenatal genetic screening tests in Australia.McKinn, S; Javid, N; Newson, AJ; Freeman, L; Bonner, C; Shand, AW; Nassar, N; Bell, KJL
2022-03Ethical aspects of the changing landscape for spinal muscular atrophy management in Australia.Newson, AJ; Dive, L; Cini, J; Hurley, E; Farrar, MA
2022-02Intertwined Interests in Expanded Prenatal Genetic Testing: The State's Role in Facilitating Equitable Access.Dive, L; Newson, AJ; Holmes, I; Deans, Z; MacKay, K
2022-02Taking seriousness seriously in genomic health.Newson, AJ; Dive, L
2022-01-01Reproductive carrier screening: responding to the eugenics critique.Dive, L; Newson, AJ
2022-01-01Ethical considerations in gene selection for reproductive carrier screening.Dive, L; Archibald, AD; Newson, AJ
2021-07Enrolling Children in Clinical Trials for Genetic Neurodevelopmental Conditions: Ethics, Parental Decisions, and Children's Identities.Turbitt, E; Newson, AJ; Biesecker, BB; Wilfond, BS
2021-07Ethics of Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening: From the Clinic to the Population.Dive, L; Newson, AJ
2021-03Ethical issues in reproductive genetic carrier screening.Dive, L; Newson, AJ
2021Family communication about genomic sequencing: A qualitative study with cancer patients and relatives.Smit, AK; Bartley, N; Best, MC; Napier, CE; Butow, P; Newson, AJ; Tucker, K; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Jacobs, C; Meiser, B; Goldstein, D; Savard, J; Juraskova, I; PiGeOn authorship group,
2020-10Cancer patients' views and understanding of genome sequencing: a qualitative study.Bartley, N; Best, M; Jacobs, C; Juraskova, I; Newson, AJ; Savard, J; Meiser, B; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Biesecker, B; Butow, P
2020-02Who should access germline genome sequencing? A mixed methods study of patient views.Best, MC; Butow, P; Jacobs, C; Savard, J; Biesecker, B; Ballinger, ML; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Smit, AK; Thomas, DM; Newson, AJ; Members of the PiGeOn Project
2019-07-31Patient perspectives on molecular tumor profiling: "why wouldn't you?"Best, MC; Bartley, N; Jacobs, C; Juraskova, I; Goldstein, D; Newson, AJ; Savard, J; Meiser, B; Ballinger, M; Napier, C; Thomas, D; Biesecker, B; Butow, P; Tucker, K; Schlub, T; Vines, R; Vines, K; Kirk, J; Young, MA
2019-05-01Australians’ views and experience of personal genomic testing: survey findings from the Genioz studySavard, J; Hickerton, C; Tytherleigh, R; Terrill, B; Turbitt, E; Newson, AJ; Wilson, B; Gray, K; Gaff, C; Middleton, A; Stackpoole, E; Metcalfe, SA