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2021-07The Role of Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Dropout From an Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. A Longitudinal Cohort Study.Rao, A; Zecchin, R; Byth, K; Denniss, AR; Hickman, LD; DiGiacomo, M; Phillips, JL; Newton, PJ
2021-05-19Frailty Measures in Patients Listed for Lung Transplantation.Montgomery, E; Newton, PJ; Chang, S; Peng, W; Jha, SR; Wilhelm, K; Macdonald, PS; Malouf, M
2021-04Discrepancies between proxy estimates and patient reported, health related, quality of life: minding the gap between patient and clinician perceptions in heart failure.Prichard, RA; Zhao, F-L; Mcdonagh, J; Goodall, S; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Farr-Wharton, B; Hayward, CS
2021-02Attitudes and practices towards palliative care in chronic heart failure: a survey of cardiovascular nurses and physicians.Singh, GK; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2021-01-01Rationale for targeted self-management strategies for breathlessness in heart failure.Asano, R; Newton, PJ; Currow, DC; Macdonald, PS; Leung, D; Phillips, JL; Perrin, N; Davidson, PM
2020-10-05A Randomised Controlled Trial of Chewing Gum to Relieve Thirst in Chronic Heart Failure (RELIEVE-CHF).Allida, SM; Shehab, S; Inglis, SC; Davidson, PM; Hayward, CS; Newton, PJ
2020-09Reply to Kako, Kajiwara, Kobayashi, and Oosono letter to the editor response.Asano, R; Newton, PJ; Currow, DC; Macdonald, PS; Leung, D; Phillips, JL; Perrin, N; Davidson, PM
2020-08-02The Lebanese Heart Failure Snapshot: A National Presentation of Acute Heart Failure Admissions.Deek, H; Newton, PJ; Kabbani, S; Hassouna, B; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM
2020-08Factors influencing care-seeking delay or avoidance of heart failure management: A mixed-methods study.Ivynian, SE; Ferguson, C; Newton, PJ; DiGiacomo, M
2020-05Palliative care in chronic heart failure: a theoretically guided, qualitative meta-synthesis of decision-making.Singh, GK; Ivynian, SE; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2020-05Access and referral to palliative care for patients with chronic heart failure: A qualitative study of healthcare professionals.Singh, GK; Ramjan, L; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2020-03-01Oxygen use in chronic heart failure to relieve breathlessness: A systematic reviewAsano, R; Mathai, SC; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ; Currow, DC; Phillips, J; Yeung, WF; Davidson, PM
2020-02Frailty in lung transplantation: a systematic review.Montgomery, E; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ; Jha, SR; Malouf, M
2020-01-01Evaluating the convergent and discriminant validity of three versions of the frailty phenotype in heart failure: results from the FRAME-HF studyMcDonagh, J; Salamonson, Y; Ferguson, C; Prichard, R; Jha, SR; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2020-01Reversibility of Frailty after Lung Transplantation.Montgomery, E; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ; Chang, S; Wilhelm, K; Jha, SR; Malouf, M
2020Costs before and after left ventricular assist device implant and preceding heart transplant: a cohort studyPrichard, R; Kershaw, L; Goodall, S; Davidson, P; Newton, PJ; Saing, S; Hayward, C
2020The prevalence and impact of depression and anxiety in cardiac rehabilitation: A longitudinal cohort study.Rao, A; Zecchin, R; Newton, PJ; Phillips, JL; DiGiacomo, M; Denniss, AR; Hickman, LD
2020Survival after an Acute Heart Failure Admission. Twelve-Month Outcomes from the NSW HF Snapshot Study.Newton, PJ; Si, S; Reid, CM; Davidson, PM; Hayward, CS; Macdonald, PS; NSW HF Snapshot Investigators
2019-08-01Valvular Regurgitation in a Biventricular Mock Circulatory LoopShehab, S; Allida, SM; Newton, PJ; Robson, D; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM; Jansz, PC; Hayward, CS
2019-04-01The Perspectives of Health Care Professionals on Providing End of Life Care and Palliative Care for Patients With Chronic Heart Failure: An Integrative ReviewSingh, GK; Davidson, PM; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ