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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Knowledge or gaming? Cognitive modelling based on multiple-attempt responseWu, R; Xu, G; Chen, E; Liu, Q; Ng, W
1-Jan-2019A partnership-designed online module on climate science: Impact on year 10 teachers and studentsNg, W
2019Primary Connections: Linking science with literacy Stage 6 research evaluation final reportAubusson, P; Skamp, K; Burke, PF; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Ng, W; Palmer, T-A; Goodall, A; Ferguson, J
8-Aug-2018Understanding mobile digital worlds: how do Australian adolescents relate to mobile technology?Ng, W; Nicholas, H
30-Mar-2018SCIENCE BY DOING STAGE 4 (2016 TO 2018)Ng, W; Aubusson, P; Fergusson, J; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T-A
3-Jul-2017Promoting Physics Literacy through Enquiry-based Learning OnlineNg, W; Angstmann, E
2017Supporting the Effective Teaching of Primary Science and Technology: A discrete choice experiment approachBurke, P; Schuck, SR; Aubusson, P; Ng, W; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T-A
2016Case Study Report: Quality Learning and Teaching in Primary Science and TechnologyAubusson, P; Schuck, SR; Ng, W; Burke, P; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T
16-Jul-2015Sustaining mobile learning at a personal level: Mobile digital literacyNg, W
1-Jan-2015New digital technology in education: Conceptualizing professional learning for educatorsNg, W
1-Jan-2015Mobile seamless learning and its pedagogyNicholas, H; Ng, W
1-Jan-2015iResilience of science pre-service teachers through digital storytellingNg, W; Nicholas, H
2015Quality Learning and Teaching in Primary Science and Technology Literature ReviewAubusson, P; Schuck, SR; Ng, W; Burke, P; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T-A
Sep-2014Flipping the science classroom: Exploring merits, issues and pedagogyNg, W
1-Jan-2014Investigating through concept mapping pre-service teachers' thinking progression about “e-learning” and its integration into teachingNg, W
1-Jan-2014Developing reflective practiceNg, W; Murphy, C; Mccullagh, J; Doherty, A; Mcleod, N
1-Jan-2014Using a multimedia learning tool to improve creative performanceKassim, H; Nicholas, H; Ng, W
1-Sep-2013A framework for sustainable mobile learning in schoolsNg, W; Nicholas, H
1-Jan-2013Empowering scientific literacy through digital literacy and multiliteraciesNg, W
1-Jan-2013Conceptualising mLearning literacyNg, W