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2023-06-20Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on climate change summit negotiations from the climate governance perspective.Vo, TPT; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Turney, C; Liu, Y; Nguyen, DD; Bui, XT; Varjani, S
2022-12-15Roles, mechanism of action, and potential applications of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria for environmental bioremediation.Nguyen, PM; Do, PT; Pham, YB; Doan, TO; Nguyen, XC; Lee, WK; Nguyen, DD; Vadiveloo, A; Um, M-J; Ngo, HH
2022-12-10Wastewater-derived biohydrogen: Critical analysis of related enzymatic processes at the research and large scales.Feng, S; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Liu, Y; Zhang, X; Bui, XT; Varjani, S; Hoang, BN
2022-11-01Performance of a dual-chamber microbial fuel cell as a biosensor for in situ monitoring Bisphenol A in wastewater.Do, MH; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Liu, Q; Nghiem, DL; Thanh, BX; Zhang, X; Hoang, NB
2022-09Volatile fatty acids production from waste streams by anaerobic digestion: A critical review of the roles and application of enzymes.Feng, S; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Liu, Y; Zhang, S; Phong Vo, HN; Bui, XT; Ngoc Hoang, B
2022-08-10A low-cost approach for soil moisture prediction using multi-sensor data and machine learning algorithm.Nguyen, TT; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Nguyen, CT; Zhang, J; Liang, S; Bui, XT; Hoang, NB
2022-08Enhanced photo-fermentative biohydrogen production from biowastes: An overview.Cheng, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Bui, XT; Wei, W; Ni, B; Varjani, S; Hoang, NB
2022-07-15Advances and prospects of porphyrin-based nanomaterials via self-assembly for photocatalytic applications in environmental treatmentLa, DD; Ngo, HH; Nguyen, DD; Tran, NT; Vo, HT; Nguyen, XH; Chang, SW; Chung, WJ; Nguyen, MDB
2022-05Advanced strategies for enhancing dark fermentative biohydrogen production from biowaste towards sustainable environment.Cheng, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Deng, L; Chen, Z; Ye, Y; Bui, XT; Hoang, NB
2022-04-01Recent advances in circular bioeconomy based clean technologies for sustainable environmentDeng, L; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Pandey, A; Varjani, S; Hoang, NB
2022-03-10A dual chamber microbial fuel cell based biosensor for monitoring copper and arsenic in municipal wastewater.Do, MH; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Pandey, A; Sharma, P; Varjani, S; Nguyen, TAH; Hoang, NB
2022-02-01Impact factors and novel strategies for improving biohydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells.Cheng, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Zhang, S; Deng, S; An, D; Hoang, NB
2022-02Bio-membrane integrated systems for nitrogen recovery from wastewater in circular bioeconomy.Ye, Y; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Varjani, S; Liu, Q; Bui, XT; Hoang, NB
2022-01-01Circular bioeconomy for resource recovery from wastewaters using algae-based technologiesNgo, HH; Nguyen, TT; Guo, W; Nguyen, DD; Pandey, A; Bui, XT; Varjani, S; Dan Nguyen, P; Nguyen, TTN
2022-01-01Developing a new approach for design support of subsurface constructed wetland using machine learning algorithms.Nguyen, XC; Nguyen, TTH; Le, QV; Le, PC; Srivastav, AL; Pham, QB; Nguyen, PM; La, DD; Rene, ER; Ngo, HH; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD
2022-01-01Artificial intelligence for wastewater treatmentNguyen, XC; Nguyen, TTH; Tran, QB; Bui, XT; Ngo, HH; Nguyen, DD
2022-01-01Converting biomass of agrowastes and invasive plant into alternative materials for water remediationNguyen, TTH; Nguyen, XC; Nguyen, DLT; Nguyen, DD; Vo, TYB; Vo, QN; Nguyen, TD; Ly, QV; Ngo, HH; Vo, DVN; Nguyen, TP; Kim, IT; Van Le, Q
2022-01-01PrefaceBui, XT; Nguyen, DD; Nguyen, PD; Ngo, HH; Pandey, A
2022Biological wastewater treatment systems: an overviewBui, X-T; Nguyen, DD; Le, L-T; Nguyen, Q-H; Nguyen, P-D; Ngo, HH; Pandey, A
2021-11Effect of calcium peroxide pretreatment on the remediation of sulfonamide antibiotics (SMs) by Chlorella sp.Vo, HNP; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Nguyen, KH; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Cheng, D; Bui, XT; Liu, Y; Zhang, X