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2023-10-01Customer Shopping Behavior Analysis Using RFID and Machine Learning ModelsAlfian, G; Octava, MQH; Hilmy, FM; Nurhaliza, RA; Saputra, YM; Putri, DGP; Syahrian, F; Fitriyani, NL; Atmaji, FTD; Farooq, U; Nguyen, DT; Syafrudin, M
2023-09BONEcheck: A digital tool for personalized bone health assessment.Nguyen, DT; Ho-Le, TP; Pham, L; Ho-Van, VP; Hoang, TD; Tran, TS; Frost, S; Nguyen, TV
2023-07-01Realistic CT data augmentation for accurate deep-learning based segmentation of head and neck tumors in kV images acquired during radiation therapyGardner, M; Bouchta, YB; Mylonas, A; Mueller, M; Cheng, C; Chlap, P; Finnegan, R; Sykes, J; Keall, PJ; Nguyen, DT
2023-05-15A feasible and promising approach for diesel engine fuelled with a blend of biodiesel and low-viscosity Cinnamon oil: A comprehensive analysis of performance, combustion, and exergyHoang, AT; Balasubramanian, D; Venugopal, IP; Rajendran, V; Nguyen, DT; Lawrence, KR; Nguyen, XP; Kalam, MA
2023Utilizing DETR model on SPECT image to assess remaining thyroid tissues post-thyroidectomyPhu, ML; Nguyen, TT; Pham, TV; Nguyen, TH; Pham, DT; Chu, MD; Nguyen, CT; Tran, QL; Nguyen, DT; Le, NH; Mai, HS; Nguyen, TN; Nguyen, TP; Le, QK; Dang, NT
2022-09-13Optimising multi-target multileaf collimator tracking using real-time dose for locally advanced prostate cancer patientsHewson, EA; Nguyen, DT; Le, A; Booth, JT; Keall, PJ; Mejnertsen, L
2022-04-01PSO based Hybrid PID-FLC Sugeno Control for Excitation System of Large Synchronous MotorDuong, HQ; Nguyen, QH; Nguyen, DT; Van Nguyen, L
2021-10-19A real-time IGRT method using a Kalman filter framework to extract 3D positions from 2D projections.Nguyen, DT; Keall, P; Booth, J; Shieh, C-C; Poulsen, P; O'Brien, R
2021-08A review of artificial intelligence applications for motion tracking in radiotherapy.Mylonas, A; Booth, J; Nguyen, DT
2021-07First experimental evaluation of multi-target multileaf collimator tracking during volumetric modulated arc therapy for locally advanced prostate cancer.Hewson, EA; Dipuglia, A; Kipritidis, J; Ge, Y; O'Brien, R; Roderick, S; Bell, L; Poulsen, PR; Eade, T; Booth, JT; Keall, PJ; Nguyen, DT
2021-05-03Study protocol of the LARK (TROG 17.03) clinical trial: a phase II trial investigating the dosimetric impact of Liver Ablative Radiotherapy using Kilovoltage intrafraction monitoringLee, YYD; Nguyen, DT; Moodie, T; O’Brien, R; McMaster, A; Hickey, A; Pritchard, N; Poulsen, P; Tabaksblat, EM; Weber, B; Worm, E; Pryor, D; Chu, J; Hardcastle, N; Booth, J; Gebski, V; Wang, T; Keall, P
2021-03-15Dose-based optimisation for multi-leaf collimator tracking during radiation therapy.Mejnertsen, L; Hewson, E; Nguyen, DT; Booth, J; Keall, P
2021-03-04Pre-treatment and real-time image guidance for a fixed-beam radiotherapy system.Liu, PZY; Gardner, M; Heng, SM; Shieh, C-C; Nguyen, DT; Debrot, E; O'Brien, R; Downes, S; Jackson, M; Keall, PJ
2021-01-01Adapting to the motion of multiple independent targets using multileaf collimator tracking for locally advanced prostate cancer: Proof of principle simulation study.Hewson, EA; Ge, Y; O'Brien, R; Roderick, S; Bell, L; Poulsen, PR; Eade, T; Booth, JT; Keall, PJ; Nguyen, DT
2020-12-01First experimental investigation of simultaneously tracking two independently moving targets on an MRI-linac using real-time MRI and MLC tracking.Liu, PZY; Dong, B; Nguyen, DT; Ge, Y; Hewson, EA; Waddington, DEJ; O'Brien, R; Liney, GP; Keall, PJ
2020-12Experimental evaluation of the dosimetric impact of intrafraction prostate rotation using film measurement with a 6DoF robotic arm.Shi, K; Dipuglia, A; Booth, J; Alnaghy, S; Kyme, A; Keall, P; Nguyen, DT
2020-11-03MLC tracking for lung SABR is feasible, efficient and delivers high-precision target dose and lower normal tissue dose.Booth, J; Caillet, V; Briggs, A; Hardcastle, N; Angelis, G; Jayamanne, D; Shepherd, M; Podreka, A; Szymura, K; Nguyen, DT; Poulsen, P; O'Brien, R; Harris, B; Haddad, C; Eade, T; Keall, P
2020-10-01ANOVA_robust: A SAS Macro for Parametric Tests of Mean Differences in One-Factor ANOVA ModelsPham, TV; Kromrey, JD; Chen, Y-H; Kim, ES; Nguyen, DT; Wang, Y
2020-10Is multileaf collimator tracking or gating a better intrafraction motion adaptation strategy? An analysis of the TROG 15.01 stereotactic prostate ablative radiotherapy with KIM (SPARK) trial.Hewson, EA; Nguyen, DT; O'Brien, R; Poulsen, PR; Booth, JT; Greer, P; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Hruby, G; Moodie, T; Hayden, AJ; Turner, SL; Hardcastle, N; Siva, S; Tai, KH; Martin, J; Keall, PJ
2020-07Real-Time Image Guided Ablative Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy: Results From the TROG 15.01 SPARK Trial.Keall, P; Nguyen, DT; O'Brien, R; Hewson, E; Ball, H; Poulsen, P; Booth, J; Greer, P; Hunter, P; Wilton, L; Bromley, R; Kipritidis, J; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Hruby, G; Moodie, T; Hayden, A; Turner, S; Arumugam, S; Sidhom, M; Hardcastle, N; Siva, S; Tai, K-H; Gebski, V; Martin, J