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2022-12-27Predicting the Onset of Freezing of Gait Using EEG DynamicsJohn, AR; Cao, Z; Chen, H-T; Martens, KE; Georgiades, M; Gilat, M; Nguyen, HT; Lewis, SJG; Lin, C-T
2022-09-04Machine Learning Derived Lifting Techniques and Pain Self-Efficacy in People with Chronic Low Back Pain.Phan, TC; Pranata, A; Farragher, J; Bryant, A; Nguyen, HT; Chai, R
2022-09-01Cation-Diffusion-Based Simultaneous Bulk and Surface Passivations for High Bandgap Inverted Perovskite Solar Cell Producing Record Fill Factor and EfficiencyMahmud, MA; Zheng, J; Tang, S; Wang, G; Bing, J; Bui, AD; Qu, J; Yang, L; Liao, C; Chen, H; Bremner, SP; Nguyen, HT; Cairney, J; Ho-Baillie, AWY
2022-09-01Effective Passivation of InGaAs Nanowires for Telecommunication Wavelength OptoelectronicsAzimi, Z; Gopakumar, A; Li, L; Kremer, F; Lockrey, M; Wibowo, AA; Nguyen, HT; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C; Wong-Leung, J
2021-12-01Robust tracking control of a differential drive wheeled mobile robot using fast nonsingular terminal sliding modeXie, H; Zheng, J; Chai, R; Nguyen, HT
2021-08-24Identification of EEG Dynamics during Freezing of Gait and Voluntary Stopping in Patients with Parkinson’s DiseaseCao, Z; John, AR; Chen, H-T; Martens, KE; Georgiades, M; Gilat, M; Nguyen, HT; Lewis, SJG; Lin, C-T
2021-08-01Improper Gaussian Signaling for D2D Communication Coexisting MISO Cellular NetworksNguyen, HT; Tuan, HD; Niyato, D; Kim, DI; Vincent Poor, H
2021-08The Effect of Hypoglycemia on Spectral Moments in EEG Epochs of Different Durations in Type 1 Diabetes Patients.Ngo, CQ; Chai, R; Jones, TW; Nguyen, HT
2021-06-01Optimization of fuel injection parameters of moringa oleifera biodiesel-diesel blend for engine-out-responses improvementsTeoh, YH; How, HG; Sher, F; Le, TD; Ong, HC; Nguyen, HT; Yaqoob, H
2021-05-01A Hierarchical Game Model for OFDM Integrated Radar and Communication SystemsNguyen, HT; Hoang, DT; Luong, NC; Niyato, D; Kim, DI
2021-04-08Forward osmosis for nutrients recovery from wastewaterYe, Y; Guo, W; Ngo, H; Nguyen, NC; Zhang, TC; Surampalli, RY; Nguyen, HT; Le Quang, H; Guo, W; Ngo, H; Surampalli, RY; Zhang, TC
2021-02Assessing the clinical utility of genetic profiling in fracture risk prediction: a decision curve analysis.Ho-Le, TP; Tran, HTT; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, HT; Nguyen, TV
2020-09-01Joint D2D Assignment, Bandwidth and Power Allocation in Cognitive UAV-Enabled NetworksNguyen, HT; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV; Hwang, WJ
2020-07Electroencephalogram Reactivity to Hyperglycemia in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes.Ngo, CQ; Chai, R; Jones, TW; Nguyen, HT
2020-07Statistical Analysis of Brain Connectivity Estimators during Distracted Driving.Perera, D; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T; Zheng, J; Nguyen, HT; Chai, R
2020-05-15Forward osmosis–membrane distillation hybrid system for desalination using mixed trivalent draw solutionNguyen, NC; Duong, HC; Nguyen, HT; Chen, SS; Le, HQ; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Duong, CC; Le, NC; Bui, XT
2020-05Electroencephalogram Spectral Moments for the Detection of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia.Ngo, CQ; Chai, R; Nguyen, TV; Jones, TW; Nguyen, HT
2020-01-01A telepresence wheelchair with 360-degree vision using WebRTCHa, VKL; Chai, R; Nguyen, HT
2020-01-01Nonsmooth Optimization Algorithms for Multicast Beamforming in Content-Centric Fog Radio Access NetworksNguyen, HT; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV; Hwang, WJ
2020-01Supertransport of excitons in atomically thin organic semiconductors at the 2D quantum limit.Sharma, A; Zhang, L; Tollerud, JO; Dong, M; Zhu, Y; Halbich, R; Vogl, T; Liang, K; Nguyen, HT; Wang, F; Sanwlani, S; Earl, SK; Macdonald, D; Lam, PK; Davis, JA; Lu, Y