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15-Oct-2017Online auto-calibration of triaxial accelerometer with time-variant model structuresYe, L; Argha, A; Celler, BG; Nguyen, HT; Su, SW
28-Aug-2017Does Heel Height Cause Imbalance during Sit-to-Stand Task: Surface EMG PerspectiveNaik, GR; Al-Ani, A; Gobbo, M; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017The Classification for Equilibrium Triad Sensory Loss based on sEMG Signals of Calf MusclesYu, H; Guo, K; Luo, J; Cao, K; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017Prediction of Hip Fracture in Post-menopausal Women using Artificial Neural Network ApproachHo-Le, TP; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017Polypyrrole RVC Biofuel Cells for Powering Medical ImplantsRoxby, DN; Ting, S; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017A CHF Detection Method based on Deep Learning with RR IntervalsChen, W; Liu, G; Su, S; Jiang, Q; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017EEG-based Emotion Classification using Innovative Features and Combined SVM and HMM ClassifierGuo, K; Candra, H; Yu, H; Li, H; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017Non-parametric Modelling of VO2 Response to ExcerciseYe, L; Argha, A; Celler, BG; Zhang, Y; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017Differences in Lower Limb Muscle Activation Patterns during Sit to Stand Task for Different Heel HeightsNaik, GR; Pratihast, M; Chai, R; Al-Ani, A; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017EEG Emotion Recognition using Reduced Channel Wavelet Entropy and Average Wavelet Coefficient Features with Normal Mutual Information MethodCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Chai, R; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017Real-Time WebRTC-Based Design for a Telepresence WheelchairVan Kha Ly Ha; Chai, R; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017Detection of Gait Initiation Failure in Parkinson’s Disease based on Wavelet Transform and Support Vector MachineLy, QT; Handojoseno, AMA; Gilat, M; Chai, R; Marten, KAE; Georgiades, M; Naik, GR; Tran, Y; Lewis, SJG; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017Detection of Turning Freeze in Parkinson’s Disease based on S-Transform Decomposition of EEG SignalsLy, QT; Handojoseno, AMA; Gilat, M; Chai, R; Martens, KAE; Georgiades, M; Naik, GR; Tran, Y; Lewis, SJG; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017Channels Selection using Independent Component Analysis and Scalp Map Projection for EEG-based Driver Fatigue ClassificationChai, R; Naik, GR; Ling, SH; Tran, Y; Craig, A; Nguyen, HT
1-Jun-2017Efficient Approach for Maximizing Lifespan in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Mobile SinksNguyen, LV; Nguyen, HT; Le, HX
19-May-2017Exploration of an innovative draw solution for a forward osmosis-membrane distillation desalination process.Nguyen, NC; Chen, S-S; Jain, S; Nguyen, HT; Ray, SS; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Lam, NT; Duong, HC
17-Feb-2017Improving EEG-based Driver Fatigue Classification using Sparse-Deep Belief NetworksChai, R; Ling, SH; San, PP; Naik, G; Nguyen, TN; Tran, Y; Craig, A; Nguyen, HT
1-Feb-2017Prediction of Bone Mineral Density and Fragility Fracture by Genetic Profiling.Ho-Le, TP; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, HT; Nguyen, TV
7-Jan-2017Hybrid brain–computer interface for biomedical cyber-physical system application using wireless embedded EEG systemsChai, R; Naik, GR; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
2017Hypoglycemia detection: multiple regression-based combinational neural logic approachLing, SH; San, PP; Lam, HK; Nguyen, HT