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2020Institutional ownership, cross-shareholdings and corporate cash reserves in JapanNguyen, P; Rahman, N
2018-06-01Nonlinear exchange rate pass-through: Does business cycle matter?Ben Cheikh, N; Zaied, YB; Bouzgarrou, H; Nguyen, P
2018-03-01CEO characteristics and firm valuation: a quantile regression analysisNguyen, P; Rahman, N; Zhao, R
2018-01-01Nonlinear exchange rate transmission in the euro area: A multivariate smooth transition regression approachCheikh, NB; Zaied, YB; Nguyen, P
2017-01-01CEO tenure and firm growth: A conditional analysisNguyen, P; Miloud, T; Zhao, R
2017-01-01Returns to acquirers of listed and unlisted targets: an empirical study of Australian biddersNguyen, P; Rahman, N; Zhao, R
2013-12-01Ownership structure and divestiture decisions: Evidence from Australian firmsNguyen, P; Rahman, N; Zhao, R
2013-11-11The role of firm performance in the market rcaetion to divestiture announcementsNguyen, P
2013-08-01Does good governance matter to debtholders? Evidence from the credit ratings of Japanese firmsAman, H; Nguyen, P
2013-07-01Divestitures and value creation: Does leverage matter?Nguyen, P
2013-01-01Foreign ownership and firm performance: Evidence from Japan's electronics industryNakano, M; Nguyen, P
2013-01-01What explains the market reaction to divestiture: Announcements?Lal, JR; Nguyen, P; Rahman, N
2013Does good governance matter to debtholders? Evidence from the credit ratings of Japanese firmsAman, H; Nguyen, P
2012-09-01The size and composition of corporate boards in JapanAman, H; Nguyen, P
2012-06-01The impact of foreign investors on the risk-taking of Japanese firmsNguyen, P
2012-04-01Characteristics of R&D expenditures in Japan's pharmaceutical industryNivoix, S; Nguyen, P
2012-01-01Board Size and Corporate Risk Taking: Further Evidence from JapanNakano, M; Nguyen, P
2011-06-01Corporate governance and risk-taking: Evidence from Japanese firmsNguyen, P
2011-03-15Ownership concentration and dividend policy in JapanHarada, K; Nguyen, P
2010-12-01The valuation of R&D expenditures in JapanNguyen, P; Nivoix, S; Noma, M