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21-Oct-2018A Mobile Tool for Interactive Visualisation of Genomics DataNguyen, Q; Lau, CW; Qu, Z; Simoff, SJ; Huang, M; Catchpoole, DR
Dec-2016Visual Analytics of Complex Genomics Data to Guide Effective Treatment DecisionsNguyen, Q; Khalifa, N; Alzamora, P; Gleeson, A; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, P; Simoff, S
30-Jun-2016Enabling Gesture Interaction with 3D Point CloudCook, H; Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Huang, M; Skala, V
21-Oct-2014Angular TreemapsHuang, M; Liang, J; Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Banissi, E; Marchese, FT; Forsell, C; Johansson, J
Jan-2007Ivisnet: An Interactive Visualization for Large Email NetworksHuang, M; Nguyen, Q; Huang, YM; Wang, TI
Jan-2005EnCon: an approach to constructing interactive visualization of large hierarchical dataNguyen, Q; Huang, M
Jan-2004Visualising File-Systems Using ENCCON ModelNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; He, S; Huang, M; Feng, D
Jan-2004Hierarchical Information Visualisation Using ENNCON ModelNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Hamza, M
Jan-2003Improvements of Space - Optimised Tree for Visualizing and Manipulating Very Large HierarchiesNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Jin, J; Eades, P; Feng, D; Yan, H
Jan-2003Space-Optimised Tree: a connection + enclosure approach for the visualisation of large hierarchiesNguyen, Q; Huang, M
1-Jan-2002Robotic excavation in construction automationHa, Q; Santos, M; Nguyen, Q; Rye, D; Durrant-Whyte, H
Jan-2002Using Space-Optimized Tree Visualisation for Web Site-MappingNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Arabnia, HR; Mun, Y