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2022-04-18Collaborative Co-Design and Evaluation of an Immersive Virtual Reality Application Prototype for Use in Communication RehabilitationBryant, L; Sedlarevic, N; Stubbs, P; Bailey, B; Nguyen, V; Bluff, A; Barnett, D; Estela, M; Hayes, C; Jacobs, C; Kneebone, I; Lucas, C; Mehta, P; Power, E; Hemsley, B
2021-05Influence of soil microstructure on air permeability in compacted clayNguyen, V; Pineda, JA; Romero, E; Sheng, D
2021-01-01Visual limitations do not indicate poor quality of life: reflections by future eye care professionalsLucas, C; Nguyen, V
2021-01-01Toward the Automated Construction of Probabilistic Knowledge Graphs for the Maritime DomainShiri, F; Wang, T; Pan, S; Chang, X; Li, YF; Haffari, R; Nguyen, V; Yu, S
2020-11A novel empirical method for predicting concentration polarization in forward osmosis for single and multicomponent draw solutionsIbrar, I; Yadav, S; Altaee, A; Hawari, A; Nguyen, V; Zhou, J
2020-01-08Opportunities for the Implementation of Immersive Virtual Reality in RehabilitationBryant, L; Hemsley, B; Bailey, B; Bluff, A; Nguyen, V; Stubbs, P; Barnett, D; Jacobs, C; Lucas, C; Power, E
2020-01-01Opportunities for immersive virtual reality in rehabilitation: Focus on communication disabilityBryant, L; Bluff, A; Barnett, D; Hemsley, B; Nguyen, V; Jacobs, C; Power, E; Bailey, B; Stubbs, P; Lucas, C
2018-07-01Isolation of Circulating Fetal Trophoblasts Using Inertial Microfluidics for Noninvasive Prenatal TestingWinter, M; Hardy, T; Rezaei, M; Nguyen, V; Zander-Fox, D; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M; Thierry, B
2018Making the most of incomplete long-term datasets: the MARSS solutionGreenville, A; Nguyen, V; Wardle, G; Dickman, C
2016-10Spatial and temporal synchrony in reptile population dynamics in variable environments.Greenville, AC; Wardle, GM; Nguyen, V; Dickman, CR
2016-05-01Population dynamics of desert mammals: Similarities and contrasts within a multispecies assemblageGreenville, AC; Wardle, GM; Nguyen, V; Dickman, CR
2015-11-03Model Updating for Loading Capacity Estimation of Concrete Structures using Ambient VibrationNguyen, V; Dackermann, U; Alamdari, MM; Li, J; Runcie, P
2014-01-01Inner retinal inhibition shapes the receptive field of retinal ganglion cells in primateProtti, DA; Di Marco, S; Huang, JY; Vonhoff, CR; Nguyen, V; Solomon, SG
2014-01-01Off-Line Handwritten Bilingual Name Recognition for Student Identification in an Automated Assessment SystemSuwanwiwat, H; Nguyen, V; Blumenstein, M; Pal, U
2013-01Three dimensional numerical simulation to predict performance of laterally loaded piles on clay-sand layered slopeNguyen, V; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Technical Committees
2012-12-01Off-line restricted-set handwritten word recognition for student identification in a short answer question automated assessment systemSuwanwiwat, H; Nguyen, V; Blumenstein, M
2012-05-24Off-line Bangla signature verificationPal, S; Nguyen, V; Blumenstein, M; Pal, U
2012-01Biosorption of Cu(II) From Water by Banana Peel Based Biosorbent: Experiments and Models of Adsorption and DesorptionHossain, A; Ngo, H; Guo, W; Nguyen, V
2012-01Development of a Bayesian neural network to perform obstacle avoidance for an intelligent wheelchairNguyen, V; Nguyen, L; Su, SW; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
2012-01Phosphorous removal from aqueous solutions by agricultural by-products: A critical reviewNguyen, T; Ngo, H; Guo, W; Nguyen, V