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2024-04-01Zinc oxide@citric acid-modified graphitic carbon nitride nanocomposites for adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of perfluorooctanoic acidNavidpour, AH; Safaei, J; Johir, MAH; Ni, BJ; Dashti, A; Li, X; Zhou, JL
2024-01-01Removal of emerging contaminants (ECs) from aqueous solutions by modified biochar: A reviewZhang, J; Chen, Z; Liu, Y; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2023-12-15Synergism and physiological characteristics of glycogen accumulating organisms (GAOs) in anaerobic ammonia oxidation based (anammox-based) systems: Mechanisms and prospectsZhen, J; Oehmen, A; Wei, W; Ni, SQ; Ni, BJ
2023-12-01Exposure of sulfur-driven autotrophic denitrification to hydroxylamine/hydrazine: Underlying mechanisms and implications for promoting partial denitrification and N<inf>2</inf>O recoveryHuo, P; Deng, R; Yang, L; Liu, Y; Wei, W; Ni, BJ; Chen, X
2023-12-01Impacts of norfloxacin on sewage sludge anaerobic digestion: Bioenergy generation and potential environmental risksZeng, S; Sun, J; Lü, X; Peng, Z; Dong, B; Dai, X; Ni, BJ
2023-12-01Medium-chain fatty acids production from sewage sludge through anaerobic fermentation: A critical reviewWang, Y; Zhang, Z; Wang, X; Guo, H; Zhu, T; Zhao, Y; Lu, X; Zhang, Y; Ni, BJ; Liu, Y
2023-11-15Heterogeneous photocatalytic conversion of biomass to biofuels: A reviewLiu, X; Chen, Z; Lu, S; Xu, B; Cheng, D; Wei, W; Shen, Y; Ni, BJ
2023-11-15Calcium peroxide mediated sustainable microalgal-bacterial consortium system: Role and significance of configured anaerobic fermentationLiu, X; Xu, Q; Du, M; Yang, J; Lu, Q; Pan, M; Zhong, H; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2023-11-15Engineering Colloidal Metal-Semiconductor Nanorods Hybrid Nanostructures for Photocatalysis<sup>†</sup>Chen, J; Hao, D; Chen, W; Liu, Y; Yin, Z; Hsu, HY; Ni, BJ; Wang, A; Lewis, SW; Jia, G
2023-11-01Revealing the hydrodynamic effects on phosphorus recovery as vivianite in stirring and aeration systems through PIV experiments and theoretical calculationsWang, SN; Chen, YH; Ge, R; Cao, JS; Ni, BJ; Fang, F
2023-10-13Photo-Induced Bismuth Single Atoms on TiO<inf>2</inf> for Highly Efficient Photocatalytic Defluorination of Perfluorooctanoic Acid: Ionization of the C-F BondLiu, X; Gong, K; Duan, X; Wei, W; Wang, T; Chen, Z; Zhang, L; Ni, BJ
2023-09-20Toward high carbon recovery: Novel strategies to hindering the occurrence of competitive reactions during chain elongation processWu, L; Wei, W; Wang, C; Ni, BJ
2023-09-15Medium chain fatty acids production from anaerobic fermentation of food wastes: The role of fermentation pH in metabolic pathwaysWu, L; Wei, W; Chen, Z; Shi, X; Wang, D; Chen, X; Ni, BJ
2023-09-15Multiple roles of humic substances in anaerobic digestion systems: A reviewLong, S; Yang, J; Hao, Z; Shi, Z; Liu, X; Xu, Q; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2023-09-01Three-Phase Interface Construction on Hydrophobic Carbonaceous Catalysts for Highly Active and Selective Photocatalytic CO<inf>2</inf> ConversionHuang, QS; Chu, C; Li, Q; Liu, Q; Liu, X; Sun, J; Ni, BJ; Mao, S
2023-08-15Iron-assisted bio-chemical processes in sewer systems: Iron cycle and its role in sewer managementZhang, J; Chen, Z; Liu, Y; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2023-08-11Efficient Chloroquine Removal by Electro-Fenton with FeS<inf>2</inf>-Modified Cathode: Performance, Influencing Factors, Pathway Contributions, and Degradation MechanismsLin, Y; Chen, Y; Chen, J; Chen, J; Yang, L; Wei, W; Ni, BJ; Chen, X
2023-08-08Advanced nanostructured materials in solar interfacial steam generation and desalination against pathogens: combatting microbial-contaminants in water - a critical reviewParsa, SM; Norozpour, F; Momeni, S; Shoeibi, S; Zeng, X; Said, Z; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Ni, BJ
2023-08-01Hierarchical Co-Fe layered double hydroxides (LDH)/Ni foam composite as a recyclable peroxymonosulfate activator towards monomethylhydrazine degradation: Enhanced electron transfer and <sup>1</sup>O<inf>2</inf> dominated non-radical pathwayQian, J; Ma, R; Chen, Z; Wang, G; Zhang, Y; Du, Y; Chen, Y; An, T; Ni, BJ
2023-07-11Photocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic degradation of perfluorooctanoic acid by immobilised ZnO nanoparticles using electrophoretic depositionNavidpour, AH; Safaei, J; Zhang, G; Mojiri, A; Ni, BJ; Huang, Z; Zhou, JL