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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-01Environment-Assisted Passive WiFi Tracking with Self-Localizing Asynchronous SniffersSuraweera N; Li S; Johnson M; Collings IB; Hanly SV; Ni W; Hedley M
2020-11-01DFT-s-OFDM: Enabling flexibility in frequency selectivity and multiuser diversity for 5GChen X; Cui J; Ni W; Wang X; Zhu Y; Zhang J; Xu S
2020-11-01Enabling Attribute Revocation for Fine-Grained Access Control in Blockchain-IoT SystemsYu G; Zha X; Wang X; Ni W; Yu K; Yu P; Zhang JA; Liu RP; Guo YJ
2020-09-01A Unified Analytical model for proof-of-X schemesYu G; Zha X; Wang X; Ni W; Yu K; Zhang JA; Liu RP
2020-08-01Connectivity of uav swarms in 3d spherical spaces under (un)intentional ground interferenceYuan X; Feng Z; Ni W; Wei Z; Liu RP; Xu C
2020-06-01Decentralized Real-Time Optimization of Voltage Reconfigurable Cloud Computing Data CenterHou S; Ni W; Zhao S; Cheng B; Chen S; Chen J
2020-06-01Distributed online optimization of fog computing for internet of things under finite device buffersRen C; Lyu X; Ni W; Tian H; Song W; Liu RP
2020-04-01Refinement of Optimal Interpolation Factor for DFT Interpolated Frequency EstimatorWu K; Ni W; Andrew Zhang J; Liu RP; Jay Guo Y
2020-03-01Frequency-Reconfigurable Cloud Versus Fog Computing: An Energy-Efficiency AspectHou S; Ni W; Zhao S; Cheng B; Chen S; Chen J
2020-01-01Secrecy Performance of Terrestrial Radio Links under Collaborative Aerial EavesdroppingYuan X; Feng Z; Ni W; Liu RP; Zhang JA; Xu W
2020-01-01Analysis of clustered licensed-assisted access in unlicensed spectrumHu Z; Liu RP; Ni W; Wen X; Lu Z; Dutkiewicz E
2020-01-01Efficient Attributed Scatter Center Extraction Based on Image-Domain Sparse RepresentationYang D; Ni W; Du L; Liu H; Wang J
2020-01-01Energy-efficient 3D navigation of a solar-powered UAV for secure communication in the presence of eavesdroppers and no-fly zonesHuang H; Savkin AV; Ni W
2020-01-01Survey: Sharding in BlockchainsYu G; Wang X; Yu K; Ni W; Zhang JA; Liu RP
2020Multibeam Optimization for Joint Communication and Radio Sensing Using Analog Antenna ArraysLuo Y; Zhang JA; Huang X; Ni W; Pan J
2020Achieving Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications in IoT by FD-SCMAZeng J; Lv T; Lin Z; Liu RP; Mei J; Ni W; Guo YJ
2019-12-01On-Board Deep Q-Network for UAV-Assisted Online Power Transfer and Data CollectionLi K; Ni W; Tovar E; Jamalipour A
2019-12-01Passive Localization of Standard WiFi DevicesLi S; Hedley M; Bengston K; Humphrey D; Johnson M; Ni W
2019-10-01Optimal Online Data Partitioning for Geo-Distributed Machine Learning in Edge of Wireless NetworksLyu X; Ren C; Ni W; Tian H; Liu RP; Dutkiewicz E
2019-07-01Profitable cooperative region for distributed online edge cachingRen C; Lyu X; Ni W; Tian H; Liu RP