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2021-03-01Regtech as an antitrust enforcement toolNicholls, R
2021-03-01Can anti-illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing trade measures spread internationally? Case study of AustraliaGarcia Garcia, S; Barclay, K; Nicholls, R
2020-04-21The Multiple Meanings of FishGarcia, S; Barclay, K; Nicholls, R
2020-01-01Algorithm-driven collusive conductNicholls, R
2018-05-09Lifestyle health behaviors of nurses and midwives: The ‘fit for the future’ studyPerry, L; Xu, X; Gallagher, R; Nicholls, R; Sibbritt, D; Duffield, C
2017-12-01Does nurses’ role, health or symptoms influence their personal use of ingestible complementary and alternative medicines?Dimitrelis, S; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Duffield, C; Sibbritt, D; Nicholls, R; Xu, X
2017-11-01Building expert agreement on the importance and feasibility of workplace health promotion interventions for nurses and midwives: A modified Delphi consultationPerry, L; Nicholls, R; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R
2017-11-01Health, workforce characteristics, quality of life and intention to leave: The ‘Fit for the Future’ survey of Australian nurses and midwivesPerry, L; Xu, X; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R; Nicholls, R; Sibbritt, D
2017-07-03Do it once, get it right: Wholesale regulatory intervention in price and cost disclosureMorris, N; Nicholls, R
2017-06-01The personal cancer screening behaviours of nurses and midwivesNicholls, R; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Duffield, C; Sibbritt, D; Xu, X
2017-06-01The use of spectrum auctions to attain multiple objectives: Policy implicationsCave, M; Nicholls, R
2017-05-01‘Mental health day’ sickness absence amongst nurses and midwives: workplace, workforce, psychosocial and health characteristicsLamont, S; Brunero, S; Perry, L; Duffield, C; Sibbritt, D; Gallagher, R; Nicholls, R
2017-05-01Barriers and facilitators to healthy eating for nurses in the workplace: an integrative reviewNicholls, R; Perry, L; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R; Pierce, H
2017-03-01Implanting Military RFID: Rights and WrongsNicholls, R
2016-12-01The australian telecommunications regulatory environment: An overviewNicholls, R
2016-11-01Does nurses’ health affect their intention to remain in their current position?Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Duffield, C; Sibbritt, D; Bichel-Findlay, J; Nicholls, R
2016-08-01Too connected to fail: The regulation of systemic risk within Australia's superannuation systemDonald, S; Bateman, H; Buckley, R; Liu, K; Nicholls, R
2016-06-13Spectrum management issues for heterogeneous networks in commons spectrumNicholls, R
2016-01-01Access to abortion in Australia: insights from health care professionalsDoab, A; Dawson, A; Nicholls, R
2016Eating soup with nails of pig: thematic synthesis of the qualitative literature on cultural practices and beliefs influencing perinatal nutrition in low and middle income countries.Raman, S; Nicholls, R; Ritchie, J; Razee, H; Shafiee, S