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1-Dec-2018A simplified approach to assess seismic stability of tailings damsNimbalkar, S; Annapareddy, VSR; Pain, A
1-Aug-2018Effect of fiber reinforcement on shear strength and void ratio of soft clayMirzababaei, M; Arulrajah, A; Haque, A; Nimbalkar, S; Mohajerani, A
1-Jul-2018Closure to "Estimation of passive earth pressure against rigid retaining wall considering arching effect in cohesive- frictional backfill under translation mode" by Yanyan Cai, Qingsheng Chen, Yitao Zhou, Sanjay Nimbalkar, and Jin YuChen, Q; Zhou, Y; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2018Two Decades of Advancement in Process Simulation Testing of Ballast Strength, Deformation, and DegradationIndraratna, B; Ngoc, TN; Nimbalkar, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Stark, TD; Swan, RH; Szecsy, R
1-Dec-2017Free strain analysis of the performance of vertical drains for soft soil improvementBasack, S; Nimbalkar, S
1-Oct-2017Identification of ballast grading for rail trackSun, Y; Chen, C; Nimbalkar, S
1-Sep-2017Evaluation of seismic passive earth pressure of inclined rigid retaining wall considering soil arching effectPain, A; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S; Zhou, Y
1-Aug-2017Numerical solution of single pile subjected to torsional cyclic loadBasack, S; Nimbalkar, S
1-Aug-2017Elastoplastic solution for spherical cavity expansion in modified Cam-clay soil under drained conditionRao, PP; Chen, Q; Li, L; Nimbalkar, S; Cui, J
1-Jun-2017Laboratory study on impulse current characteristics of clayRao, P; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S; Liu, Y
1-Feb-2017Application of fractional calculus in modelling ballast deformation under cyclic loadingSun, Y; Indraratna, B; Carter, JP; Marchant, T; Nimbalkar, S
2-Jan-2017A new mixing technique for solidifier and dredged fill in coastal areaShi, W; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S; Liu, W
1-Jan-2017DEM Three-dimensional modeling of triaxial testing on railway ballastVizcarra, G; Casagrande, M; Nimbalkar, S
2017Estimation of Passive Earth Pressure against Rigid Retaining Wall Considering Arching Effect in Cohesive-Frictional Backfill under Translation ModeCai, Y; Chen, QS; Zhou, Y; Nimbalkar, S
1-Aug-2016Improved performance of ballasted rail track using geosynthetics and rubber shockmatNimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B
1-Jul-2016Laboratory assessment of the role of particle size distribution on the deformation and degradation of ballast under cyclic loadingIndraratna, B; Sun, Y; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jun-2016Determination of active earth pressure on rigid retaining wall considering arching effect in cohesive backfill soilRao, P; Chen, Q; Zhou, Y; Nimbalkar, S; Chiaro, G
1-Jan-2016The Deformation and Degradation of Granular Material under High-Frequency Cyclic LoadingSun, QD; Indraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2016Deformation and Degradation of Railroad Granular Layers under High Frequency Cyclic Loading and the Benefits of Using GeosyntheticsNimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B; Mahdi Biabani, M
1-Jan-2016In-situ performance assessment of ballasted railway track stabilised using geosynthetics and shock matsNimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B