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2022-03-24Geotechnical rheological modeling of ballasted railway tracks considering the effect of principal stress rotationPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2022-01-01Mathematical Modeling of the Short-Term Performance of Railway Track Under Train-Induced LoadingPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2021-12-01Simple graphical prediction of relative permeability of unsaturated soils under deformationsTao, G; Wang, Q; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S; Peng, Y; Dong, H
2021-11-01Cyclic stress-strain characteristics of calcareous sand improved by polyurethane foam adhesiveChen, Q; Yu, R; Li, Y; Tao, G; Nimbalkar, S
2021-11-01Laboratory and constitutive modeling of critical state behavior of rockfill aggregates mixed with polymerYang, G; Hu, X; Feng, Q; Nimbalkar, S
2021-10-25Seismic stability analysis for a two-stage slopeRao, P; Wu, J; Jiang, G; Shi, Y; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S
2021-10-01Simplified geotechnical rheological model for simulating viscoelasto-plastic response of ballasted railway substructurePunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S; Khabbaz, H
2021-10-01Improved Vacuum Preloading Method Combined with Sand Sandwich Structure for Consolidation of Dredged Clay-Slurry Fill and Original Marine Soft ClayLi, M; Chen, Q; Wen, K; Nimbalkar, S; Dai, R
2021-10-01Phenomenological fractional stress–dilatancy model for granular soil and soil-structure interface under monotonic and cyclic loadsSun, Y; Sumelka, W; Gao, Y; Nimbalkar, S
2021-09-01Three-dimensional assessment of cracked slopes with pore water pressure using limit analysisRao, P; Wu, J; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S
2021-08Three-dimensional finite element analyses of tyre derived aggregates in ballasted and ballastless tracksFarooq, MA; Nimbalkar, S; Fatahi, B
2021-04-09Finite Element Modeling of the Dynamic Response of Critical Zones in a Ballasted Railway TrackPunetha, P; Maharjan, K; Nimbalkar, S
2021-03-08Laboratory Investigation on Particle Breakage Characteristics of Calcareous SandsChen, Q; Peng, W; Yu, R; Tao, G; Nimbalkar, S
2021-01-01Performance Improvement of Ballasted Railway Tracks for High-Speed Rail OperationsPunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2021-01-01Prediction of Extra Confinement Offered by Cellular Inclusion Under Three-Dimensional Stress StatePunetha, P; Nimbalkar, S
2021-01-01Finite Element Analysis of Soil Arching in Piled EmbankmentMeena, NK; Nimbalkar, S; Fatahi, B
2021-01-01Analytical and numerical solutions to selected research problems in geomechanics and geohydraulicsBasack, S; Goswami, G; Nimbalkar, S
2021-01-01Shear behavior of polyurethane foam adhesive improved calcareous sand under large-scale triaxial testChen, Q; Yu, R; Tao, G; Zhang, J; Nimbalkar, S
2021-01-01Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Calcareous Sands Improved by PFAChen, QS; Peng, W; Tao, GL; Nimbalkar, S
2020-12-01Strength Enhancement of Geotextile-Reinforced Fly-Ash-Based Geopolymer Stabilized Residual SoilJayawardane, VS; Anggraini, V; Li-Shen, AT; Paul, SC; Nimbalkar, S