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2022-06-01In-utero exposure to air pollution and early-life neural development and cognitionYi, C; Wang, Q; Qu, Y; Niu, J; Oliver, BG; Chen, H
2021-04-16ART-UP: A Novel Method for Generating Scanning-Robust Aesthetic QR CodesXu, M; Li, Q; Niu, J; Su, H; Liu, X; Xu, W; Lv, P; Zhou, B; Yang, Y
2021-04A survey on incorporating domain knowledge into deep learning for medical image analysis.Xie, X; Niu, J; Liu, X; Chen, Z; Tang, S; Yu, S
2020-10-01SentiDiff: Combining Textual Information and Sentiment Diffusion Patterns for Twitter Sentiment AnalysisWang, L; Niu, J; Yu, S
2020-03Golgi-associated microtubules are fast cargo tracks and required for persistent cell migration.Hao, H; Niu, J; Xue, B; Su, QP; Liu, M; Yang, J; Qin, J; Zhao, S; Wu, C; Sun, Y
2020-01-01Matrix Completion via Schatten Capped p NormLi, G; Guo, G; Peng, S; Wang, C; Yu, S; Niu, J; Mo, J
2019-12-01Word2Cluster: A new multi-label text clustering algorithm with an adaptive clusters numberMao, K; Niu, J; Liu, X; Yu, S; Zhao, L
2019-11-01An Immunization Framework for Social Networks Through Big Data Based Influence ModelingPeng, S; Wang, G; Zhou, Y; Wan, C; Wang, C; Yu, S; Niu, J
2019-06-15HRCal: An effective calibration system for heart rate detection during exercisingJin, X; Gu, F; Niu, J; Yu, S; Ouyang, Z
2019-06-01Energy efficient data collection in large-scale internet of things via computation offloadingLi, G; He, J; Peng, S; Jia, W; Wang, C; Niu, J; Yu, S
2018-10-01Developing novel methods to image and visualize 3D genomesMa, T; Chen, L; Shi, M; Niu, J; Zhang, X; Yang, X; Zhanghao, K; Wang, M; Xi, P; Jin, D; Zhang, M; Gao, J
2018-03-15Influence analysis in social networks: A surveyPeng, S; Zhou, Y; Cao, L; Yu, S; Niu, J; Jia, W
2018-03-01Wireless Power Transfer and Data Collection in Wireless Sensor NetworksLi, K; Ni, W; Duan, L; Abolhasan, M; Niu, J
2018-01-01Smart Water Flosser: A Novel Smart Oral Cleaner with IMU SensorFan, B; Ouyang, Z; Niu, J; Yu, S; Rodrigues, J
2018-01-01FBI: Friendship Learning-Based User Identification in Multiple Social NetworksQu, Y; Yu, S; Zhou, W; Niu, J
2017-07-01SWPT: A Joint-Scheduling Model for Wireless Powered Sensor NetworksLi, K; Ni, W; Duan, L; Abolhasan, M; Niu, J
2011Implementation of fuzzy methods to evaluate manufacturing performances as a basis for a high profit manufacturing resource plan in the fast moving consumer goods industryNiu, J
2010-01-01Using the fuzzy method to evaluate manufacturing productivityNiu, J; Dartnall, J
2008-12-01Application of Fuzzy-MRP-II in fast moving consumer goods manufacturing industryNiu, J; Dartnall, J
-Astroglial Connexins in Neurodegenerative DiseasesHuang, X; Su, Y; Wang, N; Li, H; Li, Z; Yin, G; Chen, H; Niu, J; Yi, C