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2017-01-01Assessing the potential for trace organic contaminants commonly found in Australian rivers to induce vitellogenin in the native rainbowfish (Melanotaenia fluviatilis) and the introduced mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki)Scott, PD; Coleman, HM; Colville, A; Lim, R; Matthews, B; McDonald, JA; Miranda, A; Neale, PA; Nugegoda, D; Tremblay, LA; Leusch, FDL
2014-01-01A national survey of trace organic contaminants in Australian riversScott, PD; Bartkow, M; Blockwell, SJ; Coleman, HM; Khan, SJ; Lim, R; McDonald, JA; Nice, H; Nugegoda, D; Pettigrove, V; Tremblay, LA; Warne, MSJ; Leusch, FDL
2012-01-15Effects of pesticide toxicity, salinity and other environmental variables on selected ecosystem functions in streams and the relevance for ecosystem servicesSchaefer, RB; Bundschuh, M; Rouch, DA; Szoecs, E; von der Ohe, PC; Pettigrove, V; Schulz, R; Nugegoda, D; Kefford, BJ
2011-05-01A trait database of stream invertebrates for the ecological risk assessment of single and combined effects of salinity and pesticides in South-East AustraliaSchaefer, RB; Kefford, BJ; Metzeling, L; Liess, M; Burgert, S; Marchant, R; Pettigrove, V; Goonan, P; Nugegoda, D
2011-05Size of anal papillae in chironomids: Does it indicate their salinity stress?Kefford, BJ; Reddy-Lopata, K; Clay, C; Hagen, T; Parkanyi, O; Nugegoda, D
2011Response of stream invertebrate communities to vegetation damage from overgrazing by exotic rabbits on subantarctic Macquarie IslandMarchant, R; Kefford, BJ; Wasley, J; King, CK; Doube, J; Nugegoda, D
2010-08Using silicone passive samplers to detect polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from wildfires in streams and potential acute effects for invertebrate communitiesSchaefer, RB; Hearn, L; Kefford, BJ; Mueller, JF; Nugegoda, D
2010-02How are macroinvertebrates of slow flowing lotic systems directly affected by suspended and deposited sediments?Kefford, BJ; Zalizniak, L; Dunlop, JE; Nugegoda, D; Choy, SC
2009-03Effects of different ionic compositions on survival and growth of Physa acutaZalizniak, L; Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D
2009-03Effects of pH on salinity tolerance of selected freshwater invertebratesZalizniak, L; Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D
2008-02Is the integration of hormesis and essentiality into ecotoxicology now opening Pandora's Box?Kefford, BJ; Zalizniak, L; Warne, MSJ; Nugegoda, D
2008-01A Review Of Guideline Development For Suspended Solids And Salinity In Tropical Rivers Of Queensland, AustraliaDunlop, JE; Kefford, B; McNeil, V; McGregor, G; Choy, S; Nugegoda, D
2007-06The salinity tolerance of freshwater macroinvertebrate eggs and hatchlings in comparison to their older life-stages: a diversity of responses - The salinity tolerance of freshwater macroinvertebrate eggs and hatchlingsKefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D; Zalizniak, L; Fields, EJ; Hassell, KL
2007-01Freshwater Invertebrates' Response To Gradients Of Salinity And Turbidity: Using Preference As A Rapid Sub-Lethal TestKefford, B; Salter, J; Clay, C; Dunlop, JE; Nugegoda, D
2007Salinity tolerance of riverine microinvertebrates from the southern Murray-Darling BasinKefford, BJ; Fields, EJ; Claya, C; Nugegoda, D
2006-10-15Sub-lethal and chronic salinity tolerances of three freshwater insects: Cloeon sp and Centroptilum sp (Ephemeroptera : Baetidae) and Chironomus sp (Diptera : Chironomidae)Hassell, KL; Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D
2006-08Validating species sensitivity distributions using salinity tolerance of riverine macroinvertebrates in the southern Murray-Darling Basin (Victoria, Australia)Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D; Metzeling, L; Fields, EJ
2006-06Growth of the damselfly Ischnura heterosticta is better in saline water than freshwaterKefford, BJ; Zalizniak, L; Nugegoda, D
2006Is all salinity the same? I. The effect of ionic compositions on the salinity tolerance of five species of freshwater invertebratesZalizniak, L; Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D