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2018The gated housing hierarchyObeng-Odoom, F; Arvanitakis, J; Fredriksson, M
2018Public choice theory and rental housing: An examination of rental housing contracts in GhanaOwusu-Ansah, A; Ohemeng-Mensah, D; Abdulai, RT; Obeng-Odoom, F
2018Transnational corporations and urban developmentObeng-Odoom, F
15-Dec-2017Land grabbing, land rights, and the role of the courtsObeng-Odoom, F; Gyampo, REV
15-Dec-2017Teaching political economy to students of property economics: Mission impossible?Obeng-Odoom, F
15-Dec-2017The coal paradoxObeng-Odoom, F
3-Jul-2017The myth of economic growth in AfricaObeng-Odoom, F
13-Mar-2017Property and FreedomObeng-Odoom, F; Aryeetey, E; Kanbur, R
1-Mar-2017Resilience and Dynamism of Embedded Financial Transactions in CameroonOjong, N; Obeng-Odoom, F
7-Jan-2017Unequal access to land and the current migration crisisObeng-Odoom, F
6-Jan-2017Global Economic Inequalities and DevelopmentObeng-Odoom, F; Obeng-Odoom, F
2-Jan-2017The Wretched of the EarthObeng-Odoom, F
2-Jan-2017Resilience and Dynamism of Embedded Financial Transactions in CameroonOjong, N; Obeng-Odoom, F
1-Jan-2017Africa uprising: popular protest and political changeObeng-Odoom, F
1-Jan-2017Industrial policy and economic transformation in Africa, Akbar Noman and Joseph E. Stigitz, Eds. Columbia University Press, New York, 2015, i-xi +312 pp. ISBN 978-0-231-17518-0 (cloth, hardback, US$ 65.00) (E-book also available, US$ 64.99)Obeng-Odoom, F
2017Oil, local content laws, and paternalism: Is economic paternalism better old, new, or democratic?Obeng-Odoom, F
2017Urban Governance in Africa Today: Reframing, Experiences, and LessonsObeng-Odoom, F
1-Oct-2016Natural Gas and Socio-Economic Transformation in Mozambique: Some Preliminary EvidenceUetela, P; Obeng-Odoom, F
15-Aug-2016Sustainable urban development: A Georgist perspectiveObeng-Odoom, F; Allen, A; Lampis, A; Swilling, M
11-Aug-2016Reconstructing Urban Economics: Towards a Political Economy of the Built EnvironmentObeng-Odoom, F