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2018Vibro-acoustic and nonlinear analysis of cadavric femoral bone impaction in cavity preparationsOberst, S; Baetz, J; Campbell, G; Lampe, F; Lai, JCS; Hoffmann, NP; Morlock, M
24-Aug-2017Application of recurrence plot quantification to mineralising systems in geologyOberst, S; Lester, D; Niven, RK; Ord, A; Hobbs, BE; Hoffmann, NP
21-Mar-2017Application of recurrence plots to orebody exploration dataOberst, S; Niven, R; Ord, A; Hobbs, B; Lester, D; Witt, W; Wyche, S
23-Feb-2017Mineralising systems as nonlinear dynamic systemsHobbs, B; Oberst, S; Niven, R; Ord, A; Brett, D; Christie, T; Gonzales, L; Spilsbury, W; Vearnecombe, J
23-Feb-2017What do we do with all these data? Ore Exploration Using Modern TechnologyOrd, A; Oberst, S; Niven, R; Hobbs, B; Brett, D; Christie, T; Gonzales, L; Spilsbury, W; Vearncombe, J
1-Feb-2017Cryptic termites avoid predatory ants by eavesdropping on vibrational cues from their footstepsOberst, S; Bann, G; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
1-Jan-2017Termites thrive by using vibrationsLai, JCS; Oberst, S; Evans, TA
1-Jan-2017Uncertainty analysis for the prediction of disc brake squeal propensityZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Jan-2017Determining periodic orbits via nonlinear filtering and recurrence spectra in the presence of noiseOberst, S; Marburg, S; Hoffmann, N
1-Sep-2016On the potential of uncertainty analysis for prediction of brake squeal propensityZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
21-Aug-2016Towards the understanding of hip squeak in total hip arthroplasty using analytical contact models with uncertaintyOberst, S; Zhang, Z; Campbell, G; Morlock, M; Lai, JCS; Hoffmann, N
8-Feb-2016Termites utilise clay to build structural supports and so increase foraging resourcesOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
1-Jan-2016The Role of Nonlinearity and Uncertainty in Assessing Disc Brake Squeal PropensityOberst, S; Zhang, Z; Lai, JCS
1-Jan-2016Influence of contact condition and sliding speed on friction-induced instabilityZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Apr-2015An innovative signal processing method to extract ants' walking signalsOberst, S; Nava-Baro, E; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
6-Jan-2015A statistical approach to estimate the LYAPUNOV spectrum in disc brake squealOberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Jan-2015Squeal noise in simple numerical brake modelsOberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Jan-2015Instability analysis of friction oscillators with uncertainty in the friction law distributionZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Jan-2015Model updating of brake components' influence on instability predictionsWilliams, JJR; Zhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Jan-2015Instability analysis of coupled friction oscillators with uncertainties in contact conditionsZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS