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2022-04-01Valorization of animal manure via pyrolysis for bioenergy: A reviewSu, G; Ong, HC; Mohd Zulkifli, NW; Ibrahim, S; Chen, WH; Chong, CT; Ok, YS
2022-02-25State-of-the-art of the pyrolysis and co-pyrolysis of food waste: Progress and challenges.Su, G; Ong, HC; Fattah, IMR; Ok, YS; Jang, J-H; Wang, C-T
2022-02-15Pyrolysis of waste oils for the production of biofuels: A critical review.Su, G; Ong, HC; Mofijur, M; Mahlia, TMI; Ok, YS
2022-02-05Engineered macroalgal and microalgal adsorbents: Synthesis routes and adsorptive performance on hazardous water contaminants.Lee, XJ; Ong, HC; Ooi, J; Yu, KL; Tham, TC; Chen, W-H; Ok, YS
2022-02-01Co-liquefaction of mixed biomass feedstocks for bio-oil production: A critical reviewLi, Q; Yuan, X; Hu, X; Meers, E; Ong, HC; Chen, WH; Duan, P; Zhang, S; Lee, KB; Ok, YS
2022-01Co-pyrolysis of microalgae and other biomass wastes for the production of high-quality bio-oil: Progress and prospective.Su, G; Ong, HC; Gan, YY; Chen, W-H; Chong, CT; Ok, YS
2021-12-01Progress on the lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis for biofuel production toward environmental sustainabilityHoang, AT; Ong, HC; Fattah, IMR; Chong, CT; Cheng, CK; Sakthivel, R; Ok, YS
2021-05-15Solid biofuel production from spent coffee ground wastes: Process optimisation, characterisation and kinetic studiesLee, XJ; Ong, HC; Gao, W; Ok, YS; Chen, WH; Goh, BHH; Chong, CT
2020-12-31Catalytic level identification of ZSM-5 on biomass pyrolysis and aromatic hydrocarbon formation.Chen, W-H; Cheng, C-L; Lee, K-T; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Ok, YS; Saeidi, S; Sharma, AK; Hsieh, T-H
2017-01-01Effects of acidic and neutral biochars on properties and cadmium retention of soilsQi, F; Dong, Z; Lamb, D; Naidu, R; Bolan, NS; Ok, YS; Liu, C; Khan, N; Johir, MAH; Semple, KT
2015-01-01Phosphorus recovery and reuse from waste streamsKarunanithi, R; Szogi, AA; Bolan, N; Naidu, R; Loganathan, P; Hunt, PG; Vanotti, MB; Saint, CP; Ok, YS; Krishnamoorthy, S
2015-01-01Chapter Three Phosphorus Recovery and Reuse from Waste StreamsKarunanithi, R; Szogi, AA; Bolan, N; Naidu, R; Loganathan, P; Hunt, PG; Vanotti, MB; Saint, CP; Ok, YS; Krishnamoorthy, S