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2019Political Economy of Vocational Education and TrainingOliver, D; Yu, S; Buchanan, J; Guile, D; Unwin, L
2019Digital Platform Work in Australia: Preliminary findings from a national surveyMcDonald, P; Williams, P; Stewart, A; Oliver, D; Mayes, R
1-Sep-2018Subject to qualification: Weakening links between job roles and qualifications in Australian manufacturing enterprise agreementsOliver, D; Walpole, K
1-Jun-2018The Australian labour market in 2017Oliver, D; Yu, S
2-Oct-2017How are links between a National Qualifications Framework, job roles and pay mediated by industrial relations institutions in manufacturing?Oliver, D; Walpole, K
1-Jun-2017The Australian labour market in 2016Oliver, D; Yu, S
1-Dec-2016‘Fair Work’ and the Modernization of Australian Labour Standards: A Case of Institutional Plasticity Entrenching Deepening Wage InequalityBuchanan, J; Oliver, D
19-Jun-2015Missing links: Connections between skills, qualifications and pay in modern awardsOliver, D; Walpole, K; O'Connor, L; Ackehurst, M
1-Jan-2014Lower-level Qualifications as a Stepping Stone for Young PeopleOliver, D
1-Jan-2014‘Choice’ and ‘fairness’: The hollow core in industrial relations policyBuchanan, J; Oliver, D
1-Jan-2014Solidarity reconstructed: The impact of the Accord on relations within the Australian union movementBuchanan, J; Oliver, D; Briggs, C
1-Jan-2013Student Attitudes toward Power and Employment RelationsOliver, D; Hossfeld, H; Ortleib, R
4-Oct-2012Lower-level qualifications as a stepping stone for young peopleOliver, D
1-Jan-2012An examination of award wages among Australian apprentices and traineesOliver, D
1-Dec-2011University student employment in Germany and Australia and its impact on attitudes toward union membershipOliver, D
1-Feb-2011University student employment and expectations of the graduate labour marketOliver, D