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2022-06Timothy Grass Pollen Induces Spatial Reorganisation of F-Actin and Loss of Junctional Integrity in Respiratory Cells.Bradbury, P; Cidem, A; Mahmodi, H; Davies, JM; Spicer, PT; Prescott, SW; Kabakova, I; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2022-04-02Application of Micro-Engineered Kidney, Liver, and Respiratory System Models to Accelerate Preclinical Drug Testing and Development.Gholizadeh, H; Cheng, S; Kourmatzis, A; Xing, H; Traini, D; Young, PM; Ong, HX
2022-02-22Nanoparticle Delivery Platforms for RNAi Therapeutics Targeting COVID-19 Disease in the Respiratory Tract.Zhang, Y; Almazi, JG; Ong, HX; Johansen, MD; Ledger, S; Traini, D; Hansbro, PM; Kelleher, AD; Ahlenstiel, CL
2021-08-05How Do Mechanics Guide Fibroblast Activity? Complex Disruptions during Emphysema Shape Cellular Responses and Limit Research.Leslie, MN; Chou, J; Young, PM; Traini, D; Bradbury, P; Ong, HX
2021-07-05Tobramycin and Colistin display anti-inflammatory properties in CuFi-1 cystic fibrosis cell line.Sheikh, Z; Bradbury, P; Reekie, TA; Pozzoli, M; Robinson, PD; Kassiou, M; Young, PM; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2021-06Real-time quantitative monitoring of in vitro nasal drug delivery by a nasal epithelial mucosa-on-a-chip model.Gholizadeh, H; Ong, HX; Bradbury, P; Kourmatzis, A; Traini, D; Young, P; Li, M; Cheng, S
2021-03-01Development and in vitro characterization of a novel pMDI diclofenac formulation as an inhalable anti-inflammatory therapy for cystic fibrosis.Sheikh, Z; Gomes Dos Reis, L; Bradbury, P; Meneguzzo, G; Scalia, S; Young, PM; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2020-11An in vitro model for assessing drug transport in cystic fibrosis treatment: Characterisation of the CuFi-1 cell line.Sheikh, Z; Bradbury, P; Pozzoli, M; Young, PM; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2020-08-21Properties of rapamycin solid lipid nanoparticles for lymphatic access through the lungs & part I: the effect of size.Landh, E; M Moir, L; Bradbury, P; Traini, D; M Young, P; Ong, HX
2020-01-02A review of respiratory anatomical development, air flow characterization and particle depositionIslam, MS; Paul, G; Ong, HX; Young, PM; Gu, YT; Saha, SC
2020-01Modifying and Integrating <i>in vitro</i> and <i>ex vivo</i> Respiratory Models for Inhalation Drug Screening.Cidem, A; Bradbury, P; Traini, D; Ong, HX
2018-08-01Repurposing of statins via inhalation to treat lung inflammatory conditionsBradbury, P; Traini, D; Ammit, AJ; Young, PM; Ong, HX
2016-10-01Application of RPMI 2650 nasal cell model to a 3D printed apparatus for the testing of drug deposition and permeation of nasal productsPozzoli, M; Ong, HX; Morgan, L; Sukkar, M; Traini, D; Young, PM; Sonvico, F
2014-01-01Across the pulmonary epithelial barrier: Integration of physicochemical properties and human cell models to study pulmonary drug formulationsHaghi, M; Ong, HX; Traini, D; Young, P
2014-01-01In vitro and ex vivo methods predict the enhanced lung residence time of liposomal ciprofloxacin formulations for nebulisationOng, HX; Benaouda, F; Traini, D; Cipolla, D; Gonda, I; Bebawy, M; Forbes, B; Young, PM
2014-01Optimization of RPMI 2650 Cells as a Model for Nasal MucosaPozzoli, M; Sonvico, F; Ong, HX; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Young, P; Dalby, RN; Byron, PR; Peart, J; Suman, JD; Farr, SJ; Young, PM; Traini, D
2013-08-01Multiple dosing of simvastatin inhibits airway mucus production of epithelial cells: Implications in the treatment of chronic obstructive airway pathologiesMarin, L; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Colombo, P; Buttini, F; Haghi, M; Ong, HX; Young, P
2013-06-01Ciprofloxacin is actively transported across bronchial lung epithelial cells using a calu-3 air interface cell modelOng, HX; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Young, PM
2012-12-01Liposomal nanoparticles control the uptake of ciprofloxacin across respiratory epitheliaOng, HX; Traini, D; Cipolla, D; Gonda, I; Bebawy, M; Agus, H; Young, PM
2012-01Inhaled Liposomal Ciprofloxacin Nanoparticles Control the Release of Antibiotic at the Bronchial EpitheliaOng, HX; Cipolla, DC; Gonda, I; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Agus, H; Young, PM; Dalby, RN; Byron, PR; Peart, J; Suman, JD; Farr, SJ; Young, PM