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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07-01Coupled Behavior Representation, Modeling, Analysis, and ReasoningWang, C; Cao, L; Gaussier, E; Li, J; Ou, Y; Luo, D
2013-07-01Effective detection of sophisticated online banking fraud on extremely imbalanced dataWei, W; Li, J; Cao, L; Ou, Y; Chen, J
2013-02-04System modeling of a smart-home healthy lifestyle assistantZhu, X; Yu, Y; Ou, Y; Luo, D; Zhang, C; Chen, J
2012-07-09Coupled behavior analysis with applicationsCao, L; Ou, Y; Yu, PS
2011-12-13Coupled nominal similarity in unsupervised learningWang, C; Cao, L; Wang, M; Li, J; Wei, W; Ou, Y
2011-12-13E-NSP: Efficient negative sequential pattern mining based on identified positive patterns without database rescanningDong, X; Zheng, Z; Cao, L; Zhao, Y; Zhang, C; Li, J; Wei, W; Ou, Y
2010-09-07Detecting abnormal coupled sequences and sequence changes in group-based manipulative trading behaviorsCao, L; Ou, Y; Yu, PS; Wei, G
2010Discovering microstructure behavior patterns for stock market surveillanceOu, Y
2009-12-01Data mining applications in social securityZhao, Y; Zhang, H; Cao, L; Bohlscheid, H; Ou, Y; Zhang, C
2009-12-01Recent advances of exception mining in stock marketLuo, C; Zhao, Y; Luo, D; Ou, Y; Liu, L
2009-01Adaptive Anomaly Detection of Coupled Activity SequencesOu, Y; Cao, L; Zhang, C
2008-12-15Market microstructure patterns powering trading and surveillance agentsCao, L; Ou, Y
2008-12-01Outlier mining on multiple time series data in stock marketLuo, C; Zhao, Y; Cao, L; Ou, Y; Liu, L
2008-12-01Domain-driven local exceptional pattern mining for detecting stock price manipulationOu, Y; Cao, L; Luo, C; Zhang, C
2008-12-01Exception mining on multiple time series in stock marketLuo, C; Zhao, Y; Cao, L; Ou, Y; Zhang, C
2008-12-01Mining exceptional activity patterns in microstructure dataOu, Y; Cao, L; Luo, C; Liu, L
2007-12-01Mining high impact exceptional behavior patternsCao, L; Zhao, Y; Figueiredo, F; Ou, Y; Luo, D
2007-01-01Detecting turning points of trading price and return volatility for market surveillance agentsOu, Y; Cao, L; Yu, T; Zhang, C
2006-12-01Discovering Debtor Patterns of Centrelink CustomersZhao, Y; Cao, L; Morrow, Y; Ou, Y; Ni, J; Zhang, C
2005-05-01Identifying interesting visitors through web log classificationYu, JX; Ou, Y; Zhang, C; Zhang, S