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2023-02-22Supporting a student who stutters: What schools can doLowe, R; Menzies, R; O'Brian, S; Onslow, M; Packman, A
2023-01-13The use of an interactive social simulation tool for adults who stutter: A pilot studyMeredith, G; Achterbosch, L; Peck, B; Terry, D; Dekker, E; Packman, A
2022-09-17Lidcombe Program translation to community clinics in Australia and England.O'Brian, S; Hayhow, R; Jones, M; Packman, A; Iverach, L; Onslow, M; Menzies, R
2022-09-01Stuttering, family history and counselling: A contemporary databaseDarmody, T; O’Brian, S; Rogers, K; Onslow, M; Jacobs, C; McEwen, A; Lowe, R; Packman, A; Menzies, R
2022-06-23The complexity of stuttering behavior in adults and adolescents: Relationship to age, severity, mental health, impact of stuttering, and behavioral treatment outcome.O'Brian, S; Jones, M; Packman, A; Onslow, M; Menzies, R; Lowe, R; Cream, A; Hearne, A; Hewat, S; Harrison, E; Block, S; Briem, A
2022-04-01White matter connectivity in neonates at risk of stuttering: Preliminary dataPackman, A; Onslow, M; Lagopoulos, J; Shan, ZY; Lowe, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Sommer, M
2022-03-08Comparison of stuttering severity and anxiety during standard and challenge phone callsO'Brian, S; Onslow, M; Jones, M; Lowe, R; Packman, A; Menzies, R
2021-11-04Consensus guidelines for the assessments of individuals who stutter across the lifespanBrundage, SB; Ratner, NB; Boyle, MP; Eggers, K; Everard, R; Franken, M-C; Kefalianos, E; Marcotte, AK; Millard, S; Packman, A; Vanryckeghem, M; Yaruss, JS
2021-07-08Conversational speech of school-age children after syllable-timed speech treatment for stutteringBrown, L; Wilson, L; Packman, A; Halaki, M; Andrews, C; O'Brian, S; Onslow, M; Menzies, RG
2021-06-04Measures of psychological impacts of stuttering in young school-age children: A systematic reviewJones, ML; Menzies, RG; Onslow, M; Lowe, R; O'Brian, S; Packman, A
2021-04-27Psychological characteristics of early stutteringPark, V; Onslow, M; Lowe, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, RG; Block, S; Wilson, L; Harrison, E; Hewat, S
2021-01-05Speech and anxiety management with persistent stuttering: Current status and essential researchLowe, R; Menzies, R; Onslow, M; Packman, A; O'Brian, S
2020-11-29Predictors of Lidcombe Program treatment dropout and outcome for early stuttering.Park, V; Onslow, M; Lowe, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, R; Block, S; Wilson, L; Harrison, E; Hewat, S
2020-05-11Clinical Trials of Adult Stuttering Treatment: Comparison of Percentage Syllables Stuttered With Self-Reported Stuttering Severity as Primary Outcomes.O'Brian, S; Heard, R; Onslow, M; Packman, A; Lowe, R; Menzies, RG
2019-11-02Exploring how preschoolers who stutter use spoken language during free play: A feasibility studyLangevin, M; Schneider, P; Packman, A; Onslow, M
2019-11-01Three Lidcombe program clinic visit options: a phase II trialKoushik, S; Hewat, S; Onslow, M; Shenker, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, R; Harrison, E; Wilson, L
2019-11-01Phase I trial of a standalone internet social anxiety treatment for adolescents who stutter: iBroadwayGunn, A; Menzies, RG; Onslow, M; O'Brian, S; Packman, A; Lowe, R; Helgadóttir, FD; Jones, M
2019-09-01“Spontaneous” late recovery from stuttering: Dimensions of reported techniques and causal attributionsNeumann, K; Euler, HA; Zens, R; Piskernik, B; Packman, A; St. Louis, KO; Kell, CA; Amir, O; Blomgren, M; Boucand, VA; Eggers, K; Fibiger, S; Fourches, A; Franken, MCJP; Finn, P
2019-09-01A three-arm randomized controlled trial of Lidcombe Program and Westmead Program early stuttering interventionsTrajkovski, N; O'Brian, S; Onslow, M; Packman, A; Lowe, R; Menzies, R; Jones, M; Reilly, S
2019-07-03Characteristics of adults who stutter by treatments soughtIverach, L; Jones, M; Lowe, R; O’Brian, S; Menzies, RG; Packman, A; Onslow, M