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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Detecting common dynamics in transitory componentsChristensen, TM; Hurn, S; Pagan, AR
2011-01Sign restrictions in structural vector autoregressions: A critical reviewFry, R; Pagan, AR
2011-01An econometric analysis of some models for constructed binary time seriesHarding, D; Pagan, AR
2010-01Limited information estimation and evaluation of DSGE modelsFokac, M; Pagan, AR
2009-01Extending a SVAR model of the Australian economyDungey, M; Pagan, AR
2009-01Comments on "Phillips Curve Inflation Forecasts" by James H. Stock and Mark W. WatsonPagan, AR; Fuhrer, J; Little, JS; Kodrzycki, YK; Olivei, GP
2008-01Business cycle measurementHarding, D; Pagan, AR; Durlauf, SN; Blume, LE
2008-01Econometric analysis of structural systems with permanent and transitory shocksPagan, AR; Pesaran, M
2007-01Making a match: Combining theory and evidence in policy-oriented macroeconomic modelingKapetanios, G; Pagan, AR; Scott, A
2006-01Synchronization of cyclesHarding, D; Pagan, AR
2005-01Some methods for assessing the need for non-linear models in business cycle analysisEngel, J; Haugh, D; Pagan, AR
2005-01A suggested framework for classifying the modes of cycle researchHarding, D; Pagan, AR
1985-01What will take the con out of econometrics?McAleer, M; Pagan, AR; Volker, P
1983-01Assessing the variability of inflationPagan, AR; Hall, AD; Trivedi, P
1981-01The short run demand for transaction balances in AustraliaPagan, AR; Volker, P
1980-01The Lagrange multiplier test and its applications to model specification in econometricsBreusch, T; Pagan, AR
1980-01Some identification and estimation results for regression models with stochastically varying parametresPagan, AR
1979-01A short-run econometric model of the Japanese wool textile industryCarland, JD; Pagan, AR
1979-01Some consequences of viewing LIML as an iterated Aitken estimatorPagan, AR
1979-01A simple test for heteroscedasticity and random coefficient variationBreusch, T; Pagan, AR