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2022-11Improving antenatal detection of small-for-gestational-age fetus: economic evaluation of Growth Assessment Protocol.Relph, S; Vieira, MC; Copas, A; Coxon, K; Alagna, A; Briley, A; Johnson, M; Page, L; Peebles, D; Shennan, A; Thilaganathan, B; Marlow, N; Lees, C; Lawlor, DA; Khalil, A; Sandall, J; Pasupathy, D; Healey, A; on behalf of the DESiGN Trial Team,
2022-09-05Effect of the Growth Assessment Protocol on the DEtection of Small for GestatioNal age fetus: process evaluation from the DESiGN cluster randomised trial.Relph, S; Coxon, K; Vieira, MC; Copas, A; Healey, A; Alagna, A; Briley, A; Johnson, M; Lawlor, DA; Lees, C; Marlow, N; McCowan, L; McMicking, J; Page, L; Peebles, D; Shennan, A; Thilaganathan, B; Khalil, A; Pasupathy, D; Sandall, J; DESiGN Collaborative Group,
2022-09-01Too big to prevail: The paradox of power in coalition formationKe, C; Morath, F; Newell, A; Page, L
2022-09Responding to the Ockenden Review: Safe care for all needs evidence-based system change - and strengthened midwifery.Renfrew, MJ; Cheyne, H; Burnett, A; Crozier, K; Downe, S; Heazell, A; Hundley, V; Hunter, B; King, K; Marshall, JE; McCourt, C; McFadden, A; Mondeh, K; Nightingale, P; Sandall, J; Sinclair, M; Way, S; Page, L; Gamble, J
2022-08-02Driving a hard bargain is a balancing act: how social preferences constrain the negotiation processEngler, Y; Page, L
2022-02-01Learning to hesitateDescamps, A; Massoni, S; Page, L
2022-01-01How success breeds successDescamps, A; Ke, C; Page, L
2021-10-07The replication crisis, the rise of new research practices and what it means for experimental economicsPage, L; Noussair, CN; Slonim, R
2021-10Absolute Versus Relative Success: Why Overconfidence Creates an Inefficient Equilibrium.Soldà, A; Ke, C; von Hippel, W; Page, L
2021-09-01How Much Information Is Incorporated into Financial Asset Prices? Experimental EvidencePage, L; Siemroth, C
2021-04-15Public cooperation statementsKoessler, A-K; Page, L; Dulleck, U
2020-09Reflections on an educational intervention to encourage midwives to work in a continuity of care model - exploration and potential solutions.Harris, JM; Watts, K; Page, L; Sandall, J
2020-08-01Examining the impact of car-sharing on private vehicle ownershipZhou, F; Zheng, Z; Whitehead, J; Perrons, RK; Washington, S; Page, L
2020-07-01Strategically delusionalSoldà, A; Ke, C; Page, L; von Hippel, W
2020-06-01Using digital technologies to deliver scenarios to geographically dispersed stakeholders: Lessons learned from the transportation sectorHew, A; Perrons, RK; Washington, S; Page, L; Zheng, Z
2020-06-01Assessing the unidimensionality of political opinions. An indirect test of the persuasion biasPage, L
2020-02-01Preference heterogeneity in mode choice for car-sharing and shared automated vehiclesZhou, F; Zheng, Z; Whitehead, J; Washington, S; Perrons, RK; Page, L
2020-01-01The ethics of social choices and the role of economists in a pandemicPage, L
2019-12-01Long-lasting effects of relative age at schoolPage, L; Sarkar, D; Silva-Goncalves, J
2019-11-01Does Success Breed Success? a Quasi-Experiment on Strategic Momentum in Dynamic ContestsGauriot, R; Page, L