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3-Apr-2019Health literacy training for Australian home care workers: Enablers and barriersPalesy, D; Jakimowicz, S
1-Jan-2019Systematic review and conceptual framework for health literacy training in health professions educationSaunders, CM; Palesy, D; Lewis, J
22-Nov-2018‘Older Person Health Literacy Support: A Role for Homecare Workers?Palesy, D; Jakimowicz, S
1-Jun-2018What’s the plan? Supporting individualised care for hospitalised patients with stomasLapkin, S; Levido, D; Palesy, D; Mamo, A; Perez, M; Dutchak, D; Fernandez, R
1-Jun-2018Technology Stress in Perioperative Nursing: An Ongoing ConcernSmith, J; Palesy, D
3-May-2018Advancing the Professional Disposition of Postgraduate Nursing Students: ORaRDAs and CPEGsPalesy, D; Levett-Jones, T
1-May-2018Developing manual handling skills in relative social isolation: A case study of Australian home care workersPalesy, D
3-Apr-2018Home care in Australia: an integrative reviewPalesy, D; Jakimowicz, S; Saunders, C; Lewis, J
1-Apr-2018Older Patient Specialling: A Call for a Consistent ApproachCook, JJ; Palesy, D; Lapkin, S; Chenoweth, L
1-Oct-2017Learning in the Absence of Direct Supervision: Person-Dependent ScaffoldingPalesy, D
4-May-2017Brief classroom training sessions for workplace readiness: are they effective?Palesy, D
3-Apr-2017Learning manual handling without direct supervision or support: a case study of home care workersPalesy, D; Billett, S
1-Nov-2016Australian Home Care Workers’ Learning of Safe Manual Handling: Environmental ConsiderationsPalesy, D
25-Aug-2016'Learning occupational practice in the absence of expert guidance: A case study of home care workers'Palesy, D
1-Jul-2016Home Health Aide Training: An Appeal for Organizational SupportPalesy, D