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2023-09-01500-year reconstruction of Dez River discharge in southwestern Iran from tree ringsSharifazari, S; Palmer, JG; Higgins, PA; Rao, MP; Johnson, F; Turney, CSM; Martín-Benito, D; Andersen, MS
2023-01-01Growth rates and ages of some key tree species from subantarctic Auckland and Campbell IslandsPalmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Thomas, ZA; Fenwick, P; Richardson, SJ; Wilmshurst, JM; McGlone, MS
2022-05-24Do Southern Hemisphere tree rings record past volcanic events? A case study from New ZealandHiggins, PA; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Andersen, MS; Johnson, F
2022-03-01Unprecedented High Northern Australian Streamflow Linked to an Intensification of the Indo-Australian MonsoonHiggins, PA; Palmer, JG; Rao, MP; Andersen, MS; Turney, CSM; Johnson, F
2021-01-28Kauri Tree-Ring Stable Isotopes Reveal a Centennial Climate Downturn Following the Antarctic Cold Reversal in New ZealandPauly, M; Turney, CSM; Palmer, JG; Büntgen, U; Brauer, A; Helle, G
2021-01-01Advances and limitations in establishing a contiguous high-resolution atmospheric radiocarbon record derived from subfossil kauri tree rings for the interval 60–27 cal kyr BPHogg, AG; Lorrey, AM; Turney, CSM; Palmer, JG; Boswijk, G; Fenwick, P
2021-01-01ATMOSPHERIC RADIOCARBON for the PERIOD 1950-2019Hua, Q; Turnbull, JC; Santos, GM; Rakowski, AZ; Ancapichún, S; De Pol-Holz, R; Hammer, S; Lehman, SJ; Levin, I; Miller, JB; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM
2020-09-16One Thousand Three Hundred Years of Variability in the Position of the South Pacific Convergence ZoneHiggins, PA; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Andersen, MS; Cook, ER
2020-08-01SHCal20 Southern Hemisphere Calibration, 0-55,000 Years cal BPHogg, AG; Heaton, TJ; Hua, Q; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Southon, J; Bayliss, A; Blackwell, PG; Boswijk, G; Bronk Ramsey, C; Pearson, C; Petchey, F; Reimer, P; Reimer, R; Wacker, L
2020-08-01The IntCal20 Northern Hemisphere Radiocarbon Age Calibration Curve (0-55 cal kBP)Reimer, PJ; Austin, WEN; Bard, E; Bayliss, A; Blackwell, PG; Bronk Ramsey, C; Butzin, M; Cheng, H; Edwards, RL; Friedrich, M; Grootes, PM; Guilderson, TP; Hajdas, I; Heaton, TJ; Hogg, AG; Hughen, KA; Kromer, B; Manning, SW; Muscheler, R; Palmer, JG; Pearson, C; Van Der Plicht, J; Reimer, RW; Richards, DA; Scott, EM; Southon, JR; Turney, CSM; Wacker, L; Adolphi, F; Büntgen, U; Capano, M; Fahrni, SM; Fogtmann-Schulz, A; Friedrich, R; Köhler, P; Kudsk, S; Miyake, F; Olsen, J; Reinig, F; Sakamoto, M; Sookdeo, A; Talamo, S
2020-04-01Palaeoclimate potential of New Zealand Manoao colensoi (silver pine) tree rings using Blue-Intensity (BI)Blake, SAP; Palmer, JG; Björklund, J; Harper, JB; Turney, CSM
2019-10-11Wiggle-match radiocarbon dating of the Taupo eruption.Hogg, AG; Wilson, CJN; Lowe, DJ; Turney, CSM; White, P; Lorrey, AM; Manning, SW; Palmer, JG; Bury, S; Brown, J; Southon, J; Petchey, F
2019-05-28The Influence of Calibration Curve Construction and Composition on the Accuracy and Precision of Radiocarbon Wiggle-Matching of Tree Rings, Illustrated by Southern Hemisphere Atmospheric Data Sets from AD 1500–1950Hogg, AG; Heaton, TJ; Ramsey, CB; Boswijk, G; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Southon, J; Gumbley, W
2018-09-01Extending the observational record to provide new insights into invasive alien species in a coastal dune environment of New ZealandThomas, ZA; Turney, CSM; Palmer, JG; Lloydd, S; Klaricich, JNL; Hogg, A
2018-04-01A comparison of some simple methods used to detect unstable temperature responses in tree-ring chronologiesAllen, KJ; Villalba, R; Lavergne, A; Palmer, JG; Cook, EC; Fenwick, P; Drew, DM; Turney, CSM; Baker, PJ
2018-03-01The scientific value and potential of New Zealand swamp kauriLorrey, AM; Boswijk, G; Hogg, A; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Fowler, AM; Ogden, J; Woolley, JM
2018-02-01Potential for tree rings to reveal spatial patterns of past drought variability across western AustraliaO'Donnell, AJ; Cook, ER; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Grierson, PF
2018-01-01Growth response of an invasive alien species to climate variations on subantarctic Campbell IslandPalmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Fogwill, C; Fenwick, P; Thomas, Z; Lipson, M; Jones, RT; Beaven, B; Richardson, SJ; Wilmshurst, JM
2017-03-15Tropical forcing of increased Southern Ocean climate variability revealed by a 140-year subantarctic temperature reconstructionTurney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Palmer, JG; Van Sebille, E; Thomas, Z; McGlone, M; Richardson, S; Wilmshurst, JM; Fenwick, P; Zunz, V; Goosse, H; Wilson, KJ; Carter, L; Lipson, M; Jones, RT; Harsch, M; Clark, G; Marzinelli, E; Rogers, T; Rainsley, E; Ciasto, L; Waterman, S; Thomas, ER; Visbeck, M