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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-09Adaptive Transfer Learning of Cross-Spatiotemporal Canonical Correlation Analysis for Plant-Wide Process MonitoringCheng, H; Liu, Y; Huang, D; Pan, Y; Wang, Q
2020-12-01An efficient pipeline processing scheme for programming Protocol-independent Packet ProcessorsYang, S; Bai, L; Cui, L; Ming, Z; Wu, Y; Yu, S; Shen, H; Pan, Y
2020-10Mitigating nitrous oxide emissions at a full-scale wastewater treatment plant.Duan, H; van den Akker, B; Thwaites, BJ; Peng, L; Herman, C; Pan, Y; Ni, B-J; Watt, S; Yuan, Z; Ye, L
2020-10Multiview Alignment and Generation in CCA via Consistent Latent Encoding.Shi, Y; Pan, Y; Xu, D; Tsang, IW
2020-06-10Stochastic Multichannel Ranking with Brain Dynamics Preferences.Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Singh, AK; Lin, C-T; Sugiyama, M
2020-01-31Multichannel Deep Attention Neural Networks for the Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Neuroimaging and Personal Characteristic DataNiu, K; Guo, J; Pan, Y; Gao, X; Peng, X; Li, N; Li, H
2020-01-01GEM: online globally consistent dense elevation mapping for unstructured terrainPan, Y; Xu, X; Ding, X; Huang, S; Wang, Y; Xiong, R
2020-01-01Secure Metric Learning via Differential Pairwise PrivacyLi, J; Pan, Y; Sui, Y; Tsang, IW
2019-06-03Contamination by respiratory viruses on outer surface of medical masks used by hospital healthcare workersChughtai, AA; Stelzer-Braid, S; Rawlinson, W; Pontivivo, G; Wang, Q; Pan, Y; Zhang, D; Zhang, Y; Li, L; MacIntyre, CR
2019-05-15Millionaire: a hint-guided approach for crowdsourcingHan, B; Yao, Q; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Xiao, X; Yang, Q; Sugiyama, M
2019-03-01Modeling effects of H<inf>2</inf>S on electron competition among nitrogen oxide reduction and N<inf>2</inf>O accumulation during denitrificationPan, Y; Liu, Y; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2019-01-02Substrate Diffusion within Biofilms Significantly Influencing the Electron Competition during DenitrificationPan, Y; Liu, Y; Peng, L; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Wei, W; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2019-01-01Label Embedding with Partial Heterogeneous ContextsShi, Y; Xu, D; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Pan, S
2019-01-01Support matching: A novel regularization to escape from mode collapse in GANsYao, Y; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Yao, X
2019-01-01ACO-RR: Ant Colony Optimization Ridge Regression in Reuse of Smart City SystemYin, Q; Niu, K; Li, N; Peng, X; Pan, Y
2018-09-01Stagewise learning for noisy k-ary preferencesPan, Y; Han, B; Tsang, IW
2018-04-01Modeling electron competition among nitrogen oxides reduction and N<inf>2</inf>O accumulation in hydrogenotrophic denitrificationLiu, Y; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Peng, L; Chen, X; Wang, D; Pan, Y; Ni, BJ
2018-04-01Robust Plackett–Luce model for k-ary crowdsourced preferencesHan, B; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW
2017-11-28Controlled Synthesis, Evolution Mechanisms, and Luminescent Properties of ScF<inf>x</inf>:Ln (x = 2.76, 3) NanocrystalsXie, J; Xie, X; Mi, C; Gao, Z; Pan, Y; Fan, Q; Su, H; Jin, D; Huang, L; Huang, W
2017-06Study on the pharmacokinetics of clozapine and its metabolites in human bloodPan, Y; Wei, Z; Tan, X; Liu, Y; Fu, S; Ma, A; Yun, K