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2022-02-25Taking It Personally: 3D Bioprinting a Patient-Specific Cardiac Patch for the Treatment of Heart Failure.Matthews, N; Pandolfo, B; Moses, D; Gentile, C
2022-01-01Product Design Education in the Wake of COVID-19: New Technologies Enabling Experiential Learning Relevant to Future PracticesNemme, A; Pandolfo, B; Walden, R; Lie, S
2021-01-29The Imperfect AestheticLie, S; Pandolfo, B; Walden, R; Lambert, S
2021Significant Complex and Non-Complex Objects During COVID-19Pandolfo, B; Baporikar, N
2021Journal of Design ThinkingPandolfo, B; McDermott, R; Khodadadeh, Y
2020-06-17Closed Loop Object Making in and for CommunityPandolfo, B; Lastman, R
2020-01-01A product system for the promotion of meaningful work, rehabilitation and social well-being in correctional contextsNemme, A; Pandolfo, B; Walden, R; Lie, S; Hai-Jew, S
2019-06-04Addressing Expanded Polystyrene Waste Through A Closed-Loop System Using Digital Technologies: University of Technology Sydney Pilot StudyWakefield-Rann, R; Lee, T; Pandolfo, B; Florin, N
2019Developing Strategic Leadership and Innovation Capability for Manufacturing SMEs Transitioning to Digital Manufacturing TechnologyWalden, R; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B; Nemme, A
2018-03-04Design Research Units and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): An Approach for Advancing Technology and Competitive Strength in AustraliaWalden, R; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B; Lee, T; Lockhart, C
2018Design practice, things and language: An iterative collaborationPandolfo, B; Lee, T
2018Research Prototyping, University-Industry Collaboration and the value of Annotated PortfoliosWalden, R; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B; Nemme, A
2017-11-09Design practice, things and language: an iterative collaborationLee, T; Pandolfo, B
2016-12-01Managing Constraints in Design Projects to Encourage Making, Iterative Design and a Deeper Learning ExperiencePandolfo, B; Middleton, H
2016-01-01From prototype to production: Using plastic 3D printed parts in furniturePandolfo, B
2016Artefact design using FDM parts together with handcrafted partsPandolfo, B; Marjanovic, D; Storga, M; Pavkovic, N; Bojcetic, N; Skec, S
2015-12-01A new university-industry collaboration model to transform Australian manufacturing SMEsWalden, RJ; Pandolfo, B; Jachna, T; Lam, E; Tzvetanova Yung, S
2015-09-17Imperfect Aesthetic: How the changing use of plastic in objects has changed our perception of it.Walden, R; Lockhart, C; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B
2015-09-10The academic design practitionerWalden, R; Pandolfo, B; Lie, S; Lockhart, C
2014-11-26Taking Design from concept to production and the consumerPandolfo, B