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2023-04In-situ desalination-coupled electrolysis with concurrent one-step-synthesis of value-added chemicalsKim, B-J; Shon, HK; Han, DS; Park, H
2023-03-15Potential application of hybrid reverse electrodialysis (RED)-forward osmosis (FO) system to fertilizer-producing industrial plant for efficient water reuseElmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Gulied, M; Qiblawey, H; Hammadi, B; Khraisheh, M; Shon, HK; Park, H; Han, DS
2023-02-27Novel LiAlO2 Material for Scalable and Facile Lithium Recovery Using Electrochemical Ion Pumping.Elmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Hafsa, U; Al-Sulaiti, L; Ahmad, Z; Chen, Y; Park, H; Shon, HK; Ho, Y-C; Han, DS
2023Integrated Photoelectrochemical (Pec)-Forward Osmosis (Fo) System for Hydrogen Production and Fertigation ApplicationZavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Gulied, M; Shon, HK; Park, H; Kakosimos, K; Han, DS
2021-07Synthesis and NOx removal performance of anatase S-TiO2/g-CN heterojunction formed from dye wastewater sludge.Hossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, H-J; Mun, JS; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Kim, J-H; Jun, Y-S; Shon, HK
2021-02-02Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Silane Grafting on TiO2 Nanoparticles: Photocatalytic Paint for Atmospheric CleaningKim, J-H; Hossain, SM; Kang, H-J; Park, H; Tijing, L; Park, GW; Suzuki, N; Fujishima, A; Jun, Y-S; Shon, HK; Kim, G-J
2021-01-01Facile synthesis and characterization of anatase TiO<inf>2</inf>/g-CN composites for enhanced photoactivity under UV–visible spectrumHossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, HJ; Mun, JS; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Kim, JH; Jun, YS; Shon, HK
2021Adaptive architecture and principles for securing the iot systemsGill, AQ; Beydoun, G; Niazi, M; Khan, HU; Barolli, L; Poniszewska-Maranda, A; Park, H
2020-12A review on lithium recovery using electrochemical capturing systemsZavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Gulied, M; Ahmad, Z; Al-Sulaiti, L; Shon, HK; Chen, Y; Park, H; Batchelor, B; Han, DS
2020-11-01Modified hydrothermal route for synthesis of photoactive anatase tio<inf>2</inf> /g-cn nanotubes from sludge generated tio<inf>2</inf>Hossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, HJ; Mun, JS; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Kim, JH; Jun, YS; Shon, HK
2020-08In Situ-Generated Reactive Oxygen Species in Precharged Titania and Tungsten Trioxide Composite Catalyst Membrane Filters: Application to As(III) Oxidation in the Absence of Irradiation.Park, J; Lim, J; Park, Y; Han, DS; Shon, HK; Hoffmann, MR; Park, H
2020-04-01Preparation and characterization of photoactive anatase TiO<inf>2</inf> from algae bloomed surface waterHossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, HJ; Kim, JB; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Jun, YS; Shon, HK; Kim, JH
2020-01-01Hand-in-Air (HiA) and Hand-on-Target (HoT) Style Gesture Cues for Mixed Reality CollaborationKim, S; Jing, A; Park, H; Lee, GA; Huang, W; Billinghurst, M
2020-01-01Fouling and performance of outer selective hollow fiber membrane in osmotic membrane bioreactor: Cross flow and air scouring effectsHuy Tran, V; Lim, S; Jun Park, M; Suk Han, D; Phuntsho, S; Park, H; Matsuyama, H; Kyong Shon, H
2019-09-16High-Efficiency Solar Desalination Accompanying Electrocatalytic Conversions of Desalted Chloride and Captured Carbon DioxideKim, BJ; Piao, G; Kim, S; Yang, SY; Park, Y; Han, DS; Shon, HK; Hoffmann, MR; Park, H
2019-06-01Efficient fouling control using outer-selective hollow fiber thin-film composite membranes for osmotic membrane bioreactor applicationsTran, VH; Lim, S; Han, DS; Pathak, N; Akther, N; Phuntsho, S; Park, H; Shon, HK
2018-02-01Solar desalination coupled with water remediation and molecular hydrogen production: A novel solar water-energy nexusKim, S; Piao, G; Han, DS; Shon, HK; Park, H
2018-01-01Sunlight-charged heterojunction TiO<inf>2</inf> and WO<inf>3</inf> particle-embedded inorganic membranes for night-time environmental applicationsHan, DS; Elshorafa, R; Yoon, SH; Kim, S; Park, H; Abdel-Wahab, A
2017-12-15Sulfur-containing air pollutants as draw solution for fertilizer drawn forward osmosis desalination process for irrigation useTran, VH; Phuntsho, S; Park, H; Han, DS; Shon, HK
2017-12-01Testing for a Debt-Threshold Effect on Output GrowthLee, S; Park, H; Seo, MH; Shin, Y