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2022-11-25Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Full-Year Report (2021–22)Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, JS; Lewis, R; Brown, D; Woods, M; McEwen, C; Parker, D
2022-09-29Support at Home: A Commentary on the design of the proposed unified program.Lewis, R; Woods, M; Brown, D; Parker, D; Sutton, N; McAllister, G
2022-08-23The quality effects of agency staffing in residential aged care.Ma, N; Sutton, N; Yang, JS; Rawlings-Way, O; Brown, D; McAllister, G; Parker, D; Lewis, R
2022-06-17Sustainability of the Aged Care Sector: Discussion PaperWoods, M; Sutton, N; McAllister, G; Brown, D; Parker, D
2022-06-03Home symptom management training programme: carer evaluationParker, D; Reymond, L; Cooper, K; Tieman, J; Ivynian, S
2022-01-07Family carer needs in advanced disease: systematic review of reviews.Marco, DJ-T; Thomas, K; Ivynian, S; Wilding, H; Parker, D; Tieman, J; Hudson, P
2022-01-01Teaching the care of older people in Australian nursing schools: Survey findingsFetherstonhaugh, D; Rayner, JA; Solly, K; Beattie, E; Harrington, A; Jeon, YH; Moyle, W; Parker, D
2022How Do We Talk With People Living With Dementia About Future Care: A Scoping Review.Visser, M; Smaling, HJA; Parker, D; van der Steen, JT
2021-10-05Considering the new minimum staffing standards for Australian residential aged care.Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, JS; Rawlings-Way, O; Brown, D; McAllister, G; Parker, D; Lewis, R
2021-09-03A qualitative comparison of care home staff and palliative care specialists' experiences of providing end of life care to people living and dying with dementia in care homes in two countries: A focus group study.Handley, M; Parker, D; Bunn, F; Goodman, C
2021-03-31Sex differences in dietary consumption and its association with frailty among middle-aged and older Australians: a 10-year longitudinal surveyXu, X; Inglis, SC; Parker, D
2021-03-15The Joint Effects of Diet and Dietary Supplements in Relation to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease over a 10-Year Follow-Up: A Longitudinal Study of 69,990 Participants in AustraliaXu, X; Shi, Z; Liu, G; Chang, D; Inglis, SC; Hall, JJ; Schutte, AE; Byles, JE; Parker, D
2021-03-05Models for delivery and co-ordination of primary or secondary health care (or both) to older adults living in aged care facilitiesPutrik, P; Grobler, L; Lalor, A; Karnon, J; Parker, D; Morgan, M; Buchbinder, R; O'Connor, D
2021-01-06Words describing feelings about death: A comparison of sentiment for self and others and changes over timeMiller-Lewis, LR; Lewis, TW; Tieman, J; Rawlings, D; Parker, D; Sanderson, CR
2021-01-01Australian specialist palliative care’s response to COVID-19: an anonymous online survey of service providersLuckett, T; Donkor, A; Phillips, J; Currow, DC; Parker, D; Lobb, E; Agar, MR
2021-01-01Do family meetings for hospitalised palliative care patients improve outcomes and reduce health care costs? A cluster randomised trial.Hudson, P; Girgis, A; Thomas, K; Philip, J; Currow, DC; Mitchell, G; Parker, D; Liew, D; Brand, C; Le, B; Moran, J
2021-01Clinically Significant Depressive Symptoms Are Prevalent in People With Extremely Short Prognoses-A Systematic Review.Lee, W; Pulbrook, M; Sheehan, C; Kochovska, S; Chang, S; Hosie, A; Lobb, E; Parker, D; Draper, B; Agar, MR; Currow, DC
2021Evaluation of an online toolkit for carers of people with life-limiting illness at the end-of-life: health professionals’ perspectivesParker, D; Hudson, P; Tieman, J; Thomas, K; Saward, D; Ivynian, S
2020-11-29Preparing for an aging Australia: The development of multidisciplinary core competencies for the Australian health and aged care workforce.Poulos, RG; Boon, MY; George, A; Liu, KPY; Mak, M; Maurice, C; Palesy, D; Pont, LG; Poulos, CJ; Ramsey, S; Simpson, P; Steiner, GZ; Villarosa, AR; Watson, K; Parker, D
2020-08-31Older Persons' and Their Caregivers' Perspectives and Experiences of Research Participation With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity: A Scoping Review.Hosie, A; Kochovska, S; Ries, N; Gilmore, I; Parker, D; Sinclair, C; Sheehan, C; Collier, A; Caplan, GA; Visser, M; Xu, X; Lobb, E; Sheahan, L; Brown, L; Lee, W; Sanderson, CR; Amgarth-Duff, I; Green, A; Edwards, L; Agar, MR