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Sep-2017Lessons Learned from the Dying2Learn MOOC: Pedagogy, Platforms and PartnershipsRawlings, D; Miller-Lewis, L; Collien, D; Tieman, J; Parker, D; Sanderson, C
24-Aug-2017Where is the nurse in nutritional care?Xu, X; Parker, D; Ferguson, C; Hickman, L
29-Jul-2017Never say die: death euphemisms, misunderstandings and their implications for practiceParker, D
18-May-2017What are the differences among occupational groups related to their palliative care-specific educational needs and intensity of interprofessional collaboration in long-term care homes?Kaasalainen, S; Sussman, T; Bui, M; Akhtar-Danesh, N; Laporte, RD; McCleary, L; Wickson Griffiths, A; Brazil, K; Parker, D; Dal Bello-Haas, V; Papaioannou, A; O Leary, J
Jan-2017Moral DistressParker, D; Eley, R; Burston, A; Tuckett, A
Aug-2016Evaluation of Subscription-based Culture Change Models in Care Settings: Findings From a Systematic Review.Petriwskyj, A; Parker, D; Brown Wilson, C; Gibson, A
Jun-2016Practice nurse involvement in the management of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus attending a general practice: results from a systematic review.Parker, D; Maresco-Pennisi, D; Clifton, K; Shams, R; Young, J
Jun-2016Palliative care case conferences in long-term care: views of family members.Parker, D; Clifton, K; Tuckett, A; Walker, H; Reymond, E; Prior, T; McAnelly, K; Jenkin, P; Israel, F; Greeve, K; Glaetzer, K
Apr-2016What Health and Aged Care Culture Change Models Mean for Residents and Their Families: A Systematic Review.Petriwskyj, A; Parker, D; Brown Wilson, C; Gibson, A
Apr-2016An Evidence-Based Approach to Scoping Reviews.Khalil, H; Peters, M; Godfrey, CM; McInerney, P; Soares, CB; Parker, D
Jan-2016End-of-life care: Proactive clinical management of older Australians in the community.Reymond, L; Cooper, K; Parker, D; Chapman, M
2016End-of-life care: Proactive clinical managment of older Australians in the communityReymond, L; Cooper, K; Parker, D; Chapman, M
Sep-2015Guidance for conducting systematic scoping reviews.Peters, MDJ; Godfrey, CM; Khalil, H; McInerney, P; Parker, D; Soares, CB
14-Aug-2015Interventions to build resilience in family carers of people living with dementia: a systematic review protocol.Petriwskyj, A; Parker, D; O'Dwyer, S; Moyle, W; Nucifora, N
Jun-2015What carers and family said about music therapy on behaviours of older people with dementia in residential aged care.Tuckett, AG; Hodgkinson, B; Rouillon, L; Balil-Lozoya, T; Parker, D
1-Jan-2015Translating Training in the NYU Caregiver Intervention in Australia: Maintaining Fidelity and Meeting Graduate Standards in an Online Continuing Professional Education SettingScott, TL; Mittelman, MS; Beattie, E; Parker, D; Neville, C
1-Jan-2015What general practitioners said about the palliative care case conference in residential aged care: An Australian perspective. Part 2Tuckett, A; Parker, D; Clifton, K; Walker, H; Reymond, E; Prior, T; Jenkin, P; Israel, F; Greeve, K; Glaetzer, K
Jan-2015Benefits and resource implications of family meetings for hospitalized palliative care patients: research protocol.Hudson, PL; Girgis, A; Mitchell, GK; Philip, J; Parker, D; Currow, D; Liew, D; Thomas, K; Le, B; Moran, J; Brand, C
Sep-2014The effects of physical exercise on functional performance, quality of life, cognitive impairment and physical activity levels for older adults aged 65 years and older with a diagnosis of dementia: a systematic reviewFox, B; Hodgkinson, B; Parker, D