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2023-12-07Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Full-Year Report (2022–23)Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, JS; Lewis, R; Woods, M; Tsihlis, E; Lin, J; Parker, D
2023-11-20Consensus definition of advance care planning in dementia: A 33-country Delphi study.van der Steen, JT; Nakanishi, M; Van den Block, L; Di Giulio, P; Gonella, S; In der Schmitten, J; Sudore, RL; Harrison Dening, K; Parker, D; Mimica, N; Holmerova, I; Larkin, P; Martins Pereira, S; Rietjens, JAC; Korfage, IJ; European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC),
2023-11-02An evaluation of an online education programme to improve nurses' ability to support carers to use subcutaneous medicines.Parker, D; Reymond, L; Cooper, K; Tieman, J; Ivynian, S
2023-10-25Evaluation of the Strengthening a Palliative Approach in Long Term Care (SPA-LTC) programme: a protocol of a cluster randomised control trial.Kaasalainen, S; Wickson-Griffiths, A; Hunter, P; Thompson, G; Kruizinga, J; McCleary, L; Sussman, T; Venturato, L; Shaw, S; Boamah, SA; Bourgeois-Guérin, V; Hadjistavropoulos, T; Macdonald, M; Martin-Misener, R; McClement, S; Parker, D; Penner, J; Ploeg, J; Sinclair, S; Fisher, K
2023-09Managers' experiences of providing end-of-life care under the Home Care Package Program.Simonetti, S; Parker, D; Mack, HA; Wise, S
2023-07-20Who cares for the carers? carerhelp: development and evaluation of an online resource to support the wellbeing of those caring for family members at the end of their life.Tieman, J; Hudson, P; Thomas, K; Saward, D; Parker, D
2023-07-13The Effectiveness and Characteristics of Communication Partner Training Programs for Families of People with Dementia: A Systematic Review.Folder, N; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Christensen, I; Togher, L; Parker, D
2023-05-31Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Mid-Year Report (2022–23)Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, J; Lewis, R; Woods, M; Ries, N; Parker, D
2023-02-01Australian nursing students’ clinical experiences in residential aged care: Reports from nurse academicsRayner, JA; Fetherstonhaugh, D; Beattie, E; Harrington, A; Jeon, YH; Moyle, W; Parker, D
2023-02-01“Oh, older people, it's boring”: Nurse academics’ reflections on the challenges in teaching older person's care in Australian undergraduate nursing curriculaRayner, JA; Fetherstonhaugh, D; Beattie, E; Harrington, A; Jeon, YH; Moyle, W; Parker, D
2023-01-01Using Public Inquiries as a Data Source for Accounting Research: A Systematic ReviewMcAllister, G; Sutton, NC; Brown, DA; Parker, D; Lewis, R; Rawlings-Way, O; Lin, J; Harrison, B
2022-12-13Support at Home: Response to the Department of Health and Aged Care discussion paper (October 2022)Woods, M; Lewis, R; Brown, D; Parker, D; Sutton, N; Rawlings-Way, O; Sinclair, D
2022-11-25Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Full-Year Report (2021–22)Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, JS; Lewis, R; Brown, D; Woods, M; McEwen, C; Parker, D
2022-09-29Support at Home: A Commentary on the design of the proposed unified program.Lewis, R; Woods, M; Brown, D; Parker, D; Sutton, N; McAllister, G
2022-08-23The quality effects of agency staffing in residential aged care.Ma, N; Sutton, N; Yang, JS; Rawlings-Way, O; Brown, D; McAllister, G; Parker, D; Lewis, R
2022-06-17Sustainability of the Aged Care Sector: Discussion PaperWoods, M; Sutton, N; McAllister, G; Brown, D; Parker, D
2022-06-03Home symptom management training programme: carer evaluationParker, D; Reymond, L; Cooper, K; Tieman, J; Ivynian, S
2022-01-07Family carer needs in advanced disease: systematic review of reviews.Marco, DJ-T; Thomas, K; Ivynian, S; Wilding, H; Parker, D; Tieman, J; Hudson, P
2022-01-01Teaching the care of older people in Australian nursing schools: Survey findingsFetherstonhaugh, D; Rayner, JA; Solly, K; Beattie, E; Harrington, A; Jeon, YH; Moyle, W; Parker, D
2022How Do We Talk With People Living With Dementia About Future Care: A Scoping Review.Visser, M; Smaling, HJA; Parker, D; van der Steen, JT