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Jan-2017Conversion of gestational diabetes mellitus to future Type 2 diabetes mellitus and the predictive value of HbA1c in an Indian cohort.Gupta, Y; Kapoor, D; Desai, A; Praveen, D; Joshi, R; Rozati, R; Bhatla, N; Prabhakaran, D; Reddy, P; Patel, A; Tandon, N
5-Dec-2015Collabor8: (Re-) Engaging female secondary cohorts in STEM subjectsHolland, BE; Ronca, M; Oo, A; Patel, A; Hilditch, T; Chandran, S
6-Jul-2015Facilitators and barriers to implementation of a pragmatic clinical trial in Aboriginal health services.Liu, H; Laba, T-L; Massi, L; Jan, S; Usherwood, T; Patel, A; Hayman, NE; Cass, A; Eades, A-M; Lawrence, C; Peiris, DP
1-May-2015Patient preferences for a Polypill for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.Laba, TL; Howard, K; Rose, J; Peiris, D; Redfern, J; Usherwood, T; Cass, A; Patel, A; Jan, S
Jan-2014Influence of cardiovascular absolute risk assessment on prescribing of antihypertensive and lipid-lowering medications: A cluster randomized controlled trialDenney-Wilson, E; Vagholkar, S; Zwar, N; Jayasinghe, UW; Patel, A; Campbell, T; Harris, MF
21-Nov-2011What determines adherence to treatment in cardiovascular disease prevention? Protocol for a mixed methods preference studyJan, S; Usherwood, T; Brien, JA; Peiris, D; Rose, J; Hayman, N; Howard, K; Redfern, J; Laba, T; Cass, A; Patel, A
Jan-2009Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial: The feasibility and impact of cardiovascular absolute risk assessment in Australian general practiceWan, Q; Harris, MF; Zwar, N; Campbell, T; Patel, A; Vagholkar, S; McKenzie, S; Walker, C; Denney-Wilson, E
Jan-2008Conceptual Development and Numerical Modelling of Vegetation Induced Suction and implications on Rail Track StabilisationIndraratna, B; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Jadhav, MN; Bhendigeri, OB; Rao, BH; Patel, A; Shanthakumar, S; Gumaste, SD; Shinde, SB