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13-Nov-2018A Radio-Inertial Localization and Tracking System with BLE Beacons Prior MapsJadidi, MG; Patel, M; Miro, JV; Dissanayake, G; Biehl, J; Girgensohn, A
10-Sep-2018ContextualNet: Exploiting contextual information using LSTMs to improve image-based localizationPatel, M; Emery, B; Chen, YY
21-Jul-2017Gaussian processes online observation classification for RSSI-based low-cost indoor positioning systemsJadidi, MG; Patel, M; Miro, JV
1-Jan-2014A probabilistic approach to learn activities of daily living of a mobility aid device userPatel, M; Miro, JV; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2014Learning object, grasping and manipulation activities using hierarchical HMMsPatel, M; Miro, JV; Kragic, D; Ek, CH; Dissanayake, G
2014A probabilistic model for assistive robotics devices to support activities of daily livingPatel, M
14-Nov-2013Language for learning complex human-object interactionsPatel, M; Ek, CH; Kyriazis, N; Argyros, A; Miro, JV; Kragic, D
18-Oct-2012A Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model to support activities of daily living with an assistive robotic walkerPatel, M; Miro, JV; Dissanayake, G
1-Jun-2011Applying neural network analysis on heart rate variability data to assess driver fatiguePatel, M; Lal, SKL; Kavanagh, D; Rossiter, P
1-Apr-2011Activity recognition from the interactions between an assistive robotic walker and human usersPatel, M; Miro, JV; Dissanayake, G
8-Jan-2011Independent external validation of nomograms for predicting risk of low-trauma fracture and hip fractureLangsetmo, L; Nguyen, TV; Nguyen, ND; Kovacs, CS; Prior, JC; Center, JR; Morin, S; Josse, RG; Adachi, JD; Hanley, DA; Eisman, JA; Goltzman, D; Kreiger, N; Tenenhouse, A; Poliquin, S; Godmaire, S; Berger, C; Joyce, C; Sheppard, E; Kirkland, S; Kaiser, S; Stanfield, B; Brown, JP; Bessette, L; Gendreau, M; Anastassiades, T; Towheed, T; Matthews, B; Josse, B; Jamal, SA; Murray, T; Gardner-Bray, B; Papaioannou, A; Pickard, L; Olszynski, WP; Davison, KS; Thingvold, J; Allan, J; Patel, M; Vigna, Y; Lentle, BC
2011Applying Neural network Analysis on Heart Rate variability Data to Assess Driver FatiguePatel, M; Lal, S; Kavanagh, D; Rossiter, P
1-Dec-2010Probabilistic models versus discriminate classifiers for human activity recognition with an instrumented mobility-assistance aidPatel, M; Khushaba, R; Miro, JV; Dissanayake, G
22-Nov-2010Dynamic bayesian networks for learning interactions between assistive robotic walker and human usersPatel, M; Valls Miro, J; Dissanayake, G
1-Nov-2010Fatigue detection using computer visionPatel, M; Lal, S; Kavanagh, D; Rossiter, P
17-Nov-2009Robotic assistance with attitude: A mobility agent for motor function rehabilitation and ambulation supportMiró, JV; Osswald, V; Patel, M; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2009Robotic Assistance with Attitude: a Mobility Agent for Motor Function Rehabilitation and Ambulation SupportMiro, JV; Osswald, V; Patel, M; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2009Driver fatigue detection using smart eye blink monitoring systemPatel, M; Kavanagh, D; Lal, S; Rossiter, P
1-Dec-2008Designing SANDRA: An autonomous tour guide robot for the University of Technology, SydneyBehrens, M; Carmichael, M; Patel, M