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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Collaboration of Multiple Autonomous Industrial Robots through Optimal Base Placementshassan, M; liu, D; Paul, G
20-Aug-2017Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Approach for Deformable Linear Object ManipulationHan, H; Paul, G; Matsubara, T
28-Jun-2017Optimisation of Different Concrete Mix Designs for 3D Printing by Utilising 6DOF Industrial RobotShakor, P; Renneberg, J; Nejadi, S; Paul, G
Apr-2017Experimental Evaluation of Nearest Neighbour Exploration Approach in Field EnvironmentsQuin, P; Paul, G; Liu, D
13-Nov-2016A Novel Approach to Steel Rivet Detection in Poorly Illuminated Steel Structural EnvironmentsPaul, G; Liu, L; Liu, D
15-Jul-2016A Path Planning Approach Via Task-Objective Pose Selection with Application to an Inchworm-Inspired Climbing RobotYang, C; Paul, G; Ward, P; Liu, D
1-Jan-2016An Approach to Base Placement for Effective Collaboration of Multiple Autonomous Industrial RobotsHassan, M; Liu, DK; Paul, G; Huang, SH
2016Exploring in 3D with a Climbing Robot: Selecting the Next Best Base Position on Arbitrarily-Oriented SurfacesQuin, PD; Paul, G; Alempijevic, A; Liu, D
2016An approach for identifying classifiable regions of an image captured by autonomous robots in structural environmentsTo, W; Paul, G; Liu, D
2016Mapping Repetitive Structural Tunnel Environments for a Biologically Inspired Climbing RobotPaul, G; Mao, S; Liu, L; Xiong, R; Su, H; Wang, T; Tokhi, MO; Virk, GS
6-Dec-2015Key Feature-Based Approach for Efficient Exploration of Structured EnvironmentsPaul, G; Quin, P; Yang, C; Liu, D
8-Jun-2015A Sliding Window Approach to Exploration for 3D Map Building Using a Biologically Inspired Bridge Inspection RobotPaul, G; Quin, P; To, A; Liu, D
2-Dec-2014Expanding Wavefront Frontier Detection: An Approach for Efficiently Detecting Frontier CellsQuin, PD; Alempijevic, A; Paul, G; Liu, D; Oetomo, D; Chen, C
12-Nov-2014Climbing Robot for Steel Bridge Inspection: Design ChallengesWard, PK; Manamperi, P; Brooks, P; Mann, P; Kaluarachchi, W; Matkovic, L; Paul, G; Yang, C; Quin, P; Pagano, D; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Dissanayake, G
Jan-2014Surface-type classification using RGB-DTo, AW; Paul, G; Liu, D
Jan-2014Automated and Frequent Calibration of a Robot Manipulator-mounted IR Range camera for Steel Bridge MaintenanceTo, AW; Paul, G; Rushton-Smith, D; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G; Yoshida, K; Tadokoro, S
Jan-2013Prior-knowledge Assisted Fast 3D Map Building of Structured Environments for Steel Bridge MaintenanceSehestedt, SA; Paul, G; Rushton-Smith, D; Liu, D; Seth Hutchinson
Jan-2013Nearest Neighbour Exploration with Backtracking for Robotic Exploration of Complex 3D EnvironmentsQuin, PD; Paul, G; Liu, D; Alempijevic, A; Guivant, J
Jan-2013An Accurate and Reliable Approach to Calibration of a Robot Manipulator-Mounted IR Range Camera for Field ApplicationsRushton-Smith, D; To, AW; Paul, G; Liu, D; Chen, IM; ANg, M; Yang, G; Low, KH; Causo, A
Jan-2013Efficient Neighbourhood-Based Information Gain Approach for Exploration of Complex 3D EnvironmentsQuin, PD; Paul, G; Alempijevic, A; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G; N/A