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2021-02-23Active and Interactive Mapping With Dynamic Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces for Mobile ManipulatorsLiu, L; Fryc, S; Wu, L; Vu, TL; Paul, G; Vidal-Calleja, T
2021-01Approaches for Efficiently Detecting Frontier Cells in Robotics Exploration.Quin, P; Nguyen, DDK; Vu, TL; Alempijevic, A; Paul, G
2020-12-14Intuitive Virtual Reality based Control of a Real-world Mobile ManipulatorLe, DT; Sutjipto, S; Lai, Y; Paul, G
2020-12-13Hybrid Multi-Robot System for Drilling and Blasting AutomationNguyen, DDK; Lai, Y; Sutjipto, S; Paul, G
2020-10-01Investigation into the shear property of thin-walled additively manufactured structures using staggered fused filament fabricationRomeijn, T; Wells, B; Wei, D; Paul, G
2020-08-27Fitts’ law in the presence of interface inertiaSutjipto, S; Lai, Y; Carmichael, M; Paul, G
2020-05-20Helium-Oxygen Mixture Model for Particle Transport in CT-Based Upper Airways.Islam, MS; Gu, Y; Farkas, A; Paul, G; Saha, SC
2020-03-01Effects of deposition velocity in the presence/absence of E6-glass fibre on extrusion-based 3D printed mortarShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Sutjipto, S; Paul, G; Gowripalan, N
2020-02-29Air Pollution Emissions 2008-2018 from Australian Coal Mining: Implications for Public and Occupational Health.Hendryx, M; Islam, MS; Dong, G-H; Paul, G
2020-02-07Ultrasonic-based Sensor Fusion Approach to Measure Flow Rate in Partially Filled PipesMunasinghe, N; Paul, G
2020-02-01Dimensional accuracy, flowability, wettability, and porosity in inkjet 3DP for gypsum and cement mortar materialsShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G; Sanjayan, J
2020-02-01Airflow and particle transport prediction through stenosis airwaysSingh, P; Raghav, V; Padhmashali, V; Paul, G; Islam, MS; Saha, SC
2020-01-02A review of respiratory anatomical development, air flow characterization and particle depositionIslam, MS; Paul, G; Ong, HX; Young, PM; Gu, YT; Saha, SC
2020-01-01Investigation into the effect of delays between printed layers on the mechanical strength of inkjet 3DP mortarShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G
20203-D Printed Strain Sensor for Structural Health MonitoringMunasinghe, N; Woods, M; Miles, L; Paul, G
2019-12-09Rectangular-shaped object recognition and pose estimationVu, TL; Liu, L; Paul, G; Vidal Calleja, T
2019-10-09Effect of Elevated Temperatures as a Means of Curing in Inkjet 3D Printed Mortar SpecimensShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G
2019-08-09Advanced Manufacturing of Spirals for Mineral Separation with Integrated Smart SensingMunasinghe, N; Paul, G
2019-03-01Mechanical properties of cement-based materials and effect of elevated temperature on three-dimensional (3-D) printed mortar specimens in inkjet 3-D printingShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G; Sanjayan, J; Nazari, A
2019-01-23Review of emerging additive manufacturing technologies in 3D printing of cementitious materials in the construction industryShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G; Malekmohammadi, S